This designer used a punch of fuchsia, balanced with lighter grays and whites, to create a sophisticated baby nursery that still manages to feel playful. See her tips and tricks to do the same in your home.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated November 01, 2018
Fuchsia, black, white, and gray nursery by Edyta Czajkowska
Credit: Dustin Halleck

If you picture a nursery, you may think of pastels: soft pinks, blues, yellows, and greens, arranged around a crib and rocker.

It may be time to rethink that, though. When Edyta Czajkowska of Chicago-based interior design firm EDYTA & CO. was planning her daughter’s nursery, she knew she wanted it to be sophisticated and whimsical—and she also knew pastels weren’t exactly the look she was going for.

The designer wanted the space to feel like an extension of the rest of her home, not an outlier that could have come from a completely different building. Using warm shades of gray, white, black, and a central pop of fuchsia, she created a space that maintains both the style of her house and the sweetness you’d associate with a nursery—a space that can grow with her daughter through simple furniture swaps and accent adjustments.

The final look was built around a large fuchsia rug and strikes a playful tone that still manages to be peaceful, thanks to warm gray hues and plenty of black and white. Compared to the quiet yellows and blues and muted palettes often seen in nurseries, the fuchsia seems a strong choice—though not as much as you may think.

“To me, it’s not necessarily that bold,” Czajkowska says. “I’m not afraid of color, and I think that if that’s something that you are into, then you shouldn’t shy away from it. Especially in the nursery.”

Czajkowska kept most of the elements of the room toned down, to help balance out the bright rug. Pops of black helped the space feel modern, while the warm gray wall paint kept the space from feeling too stark. All together, her color choices helped the room feel more elegant than a nursery with murals, cartoonish accents, and the like might.

If you want to try bright colors (or, like in Czajkowska’s nursery, one bright color) in your nursery, the designer recommends sticking to calming, warmer colors, such as blues, greens, and purples, for the major features. Warmer colors—think oranges, yellows, and reds—can be incorporated in other ways if you really want them there, like in a pillow or a window treatment. Keep intensity in mind when picking colors, though: Very loud colors, like neons or electric hues, may not strike the soothing note you’re looking for in a baby’s room.

“You have to make it personal,” Czajkowska says. “You have to make it so you love being in there.”

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