This high-tech furniture does it all, and for the next few days, it’s available at a major discount.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated April 30, 2018
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Sobro Smart Side Table
Credit: Courtesy of StoreBound

In the last two or three decades, smart phones have changed the way we do everything. Smart voice assistants changed everything again in the last two or three years. And now smart furniture is here to change it all yet again.

Meet the Sobro Smart Side Table. The more petite relative of last year’s highly successful smart coffee table (now available online from retailers such as Amazon), this smart table offers a slew of life-simplifying tricks you never knew you needed until now. Really: Real Simple attended an in-person demonstration to see the table in action, and it’s already at the top of our Christmas/birthday/wish lists.

The Sobro Smart Side Table has a cooling drawer, so you can keep water or snacks on-hand at all times. The cooling technology is nearly silent, so it won’t disturb your sleep if you plan to keep the table next to your bed. It has wireless charging for phones capable of contact-less charging and built-in Bluetooth speakers. It has motion-sensor lighting, so you can access the drawers or shelves without fumbling for a light switch, and the second drawer (next to the cooling drawer) can be locked and used as a safe (or just a place to store medications and other items away from tiny hands). The backside of the table has both USB and standard outlets, so you can plug in all your devices, and magnetic cord wraps to keep everything contained and organized. There’s more lighting on the back, as well.

All of this can be controlled with the accompanying app, so you can adjust the lighting, set an alarm to play through the table’s speakers, connect a voice assistant, make a plan to establish healthy sleep habits, and more. The app and table will also be updated as the minds behind the Sobro Smart Side Table at StoreBound develop new uses for it.

The table itself is modular and compact, with four color options (black, white, white with a wood finish, and black with a wood finish) to suit nearly any décor. It can serve as a side table in a living room or as a nightstand, and its myriad abilities avail it to nearly any purpose.

Now on to the best part: You can now get the Smart Side Table for $500 off the retail price. The side table—like its coffee table predecessor—is currently on crowd-funding site Indiegogo, where interested consumers can contribute money to production costs in exchange for early access to the final product. The project is fully funded, and then some, so contributors (or “backers”) are promised a side table once production is completed. (Tables are expected to ship in October 2018.)

The advantage to contributing early and then waiting several months for the final product is the steep discount: Right now, a contribution of $399 gets you a side table delivered in October, before the tables hit retailers, and a $500-discount on the $900 MSRP. If you’re intrigued by the table but aren’t interested in contributing to the Indiegogo, you will be able to purchase one through a retailer after October, but you’ll be paying full-price. If you want a table now, you can act now, and quickly. The $399 offer is only in effect until May 7, with only 200 tables available at the drastically lowered price.

If you’re unfamiliar with Indiegogo and crowd-funding, this may seem suspect, but StoreBound (the maker of the Sobro tables) has a proven track record. The coffee table (which has many of the same abilities as the side table) was funded in 2017, with a total of more than $1.6 million raised by more than 2,000 backers, all of whom received the coffee tables they were promised.

You can learn more about the Sobro Smart Side Table—and the larger coffee table—on Indiegogo or the Sobro website. And if you want to take advantage of the current offer, act fast: It ends after 11:59 p.m. May 6, and as of press time, only 103 of the $399 tables were still available.