Your morning routine just got a little easier.

By Liz Steelman
Updated December 06, 2016

One of life’s luxuries is turning down the covers and snuggling into a well-made bed. But let’s be real: there are more important things to do during the hectic morning rush than make your bed. So, you likely come home to a jumbled pile of bedding—and leave it that way. Why should you remake the bed and then immediately mess it up again, right?

Well, making your bed might become an antiquated task. Not because you can convince your partner (or mom) to do it for you, but because Smartduvet, a Canadian startup, recently announced a Kickstarter campaign for their latest offering. It’s a device that will actually make your bed via a smartphone app.

Smartduvet is a lightweight top sheet with an inflatable grid that’s attached to an air chamber. As the air chamber fills the grid, the sheet unfurls to lay flat (similar to how an air mattress unfolds when inflated). To use, place the Smartduvet on top of your existing duvet, position it back inside the duvet cover, and connect it to the tube. Though you’re adding an extra layer to your bed, the Smartduvet won’t add extra bulk. Its thin material and grid design prevents heat from accumulating.

The Smartduvet also comes with a smart attach system, connecting the bottom of your duvet cover to the fitted sheet at the foot of the bed and the top sheet to the duvet cover. This means all your linens stay grounded and won’t fly off when inflated. (And even without the Smartduvet, this is an easy hack to keep you from your top sheet from getting stuck at the foot of the bed.)

And inflating it is even easier than pressing a button. The air chamber connects to your phone via an app, and can be set to go off according to your schedule. So when you’re looking for a few extra hours of snoozing on the weekends, set the chamber to start inflating later than it would on weekdays.

As of writing, Smartduvet has secured more than $8,000 of its $22,590 goal with 47 backers. In a special promotion, the first 250 backers can buy the kit for any size bed for only $199. Once it hits the shelves in 2017, its starting retail price will be $309 for a single-size kit. The campaign ends on December 27, 2016 and the first shipment is scheduled for May 2017.

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