We’ve rounded up nine of the latest and greatest technological offerings that will make your life easier and help bring your home further into the 21st century.

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could start your coffee maker just as soon as you hit snooze on your alarm? Well, with a smart coffee maker, that dream can very much become a reality—as can heating up the shower on the way home from the gym, preheating the oven as you checkout at the grocery store, or even seeing who’s at the door while you’re on vacation. In the name of a smart home, almost everything you can find around your house today is available as an upgraded, Wi-Fi-connected version you can control via your smartphone.

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And as amazing as it seems, deciding which appliances and products to upgrade can be an overwhelming experience. Which items are actually worth the extra money to modernize? In search of an answer, we reached out to tech experts and influencers to find out which smart home products simplified their lives. Here, their favorites.

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