5 Smart Home Products That Will Change The Way You Live

We’ve rounded up five of the latest and greatest technological offerings that will make your life easier and help bring your home further into the 21st century.


Ring Video Doorbell

Photo by ring.com

Whether you’re upstairs, out back, or blocks away from home, you can still answer the doorbell immediately using Ring. When someone presses the bell (or even enters your property), the device sends an alert to your cellphone and allows you to see and speak with the visitor. No more missing crucial deliveries or friendly neighbor stop-ins.

To buy: from $199, ring.com.


Ray Super Remote

Photo by ray.co

Avoid the coffee table remote pile and instead use one sleek universal remote. The size of a smartphone, the Ray gives you control over a slew of electronic devices throughout your home—connecting you to everything from the TV to the Roku to the Nest thermostat.

To buy: $249, ray.co.


Eero Wifi Trio

Photo by eero.com

Find yourself dissatisfied with the strength of your home’s WiFi signal? Eero offers a set of three devices that wirelessly connect to each other to boost your home’s bandwidth—up the stairs, into the basement, and even out into the backyard.

To buy: $499 (for three), eero.com.


Tado Smart AC Control

Photo by tado.com

Ideal for apartment dwellers, this device wirelessly connects to your remote-controlled air conditioning unit. Monitoring your phone’s location, it will pre-cool your home as you get closer and automatically shut off the unit once you leave. Now that’s cool.

To buy: $199, tado.com.


Bruno Smartcan

Photo by brunosmartcan.com

A sleek trashcan is great. A sleek trashcan that has a vacuum base, motion-sensing lid, and a store-it-where-you-use-it trash bag pod is incredible. Sweep your mess directly in front of the can and the pile gets deposited right into the trash. The accompanying app will even remind you when it’s trash day. Though still in the pre-order phase, this one’s too remarkable not to include.

To buy: from $129, brunosmartcan.com.