Shoppers Say They 'Couldn't Be More Thrilled' With How Clean This Doormat Keeps Their Floors—and It's Only $26

Plus, it rinses off quickly for easy cleaning.

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When it comes to keeping floors clean, we typically think about sprays, mops, vacuums, and the like that take care of messes after the fact. Instead of resigning yourself to the fact that your floors—especially those around your entryway—will be perpetually dirty, there's another option that more than 4,800 Amazon shoppers, "couldn't be more thrilled" with.

The SlipToGrip Universal Doormat is a durable, anti-slip mat that's built to latch onto water, dirt, salt, snow, mud, dust, and leaves to prevent your family and friends from tracking it all into your home. The mat's unique "Duraloop" dirt-catching design attracts and holds onto all of this debris until you shake it off outside or toss it into the wash for quick and easy cleanup. Made out of PVC, these versatile mats are waterproof and built to last. Plus, they're great not only by the front door, but anywhere else in your home that gets the most traffic, like on the patio, in the garage, or inside the mudroom.

SlipToGrip Universal Doormat

To buy: From $26;

This extra-large mat measures 42-inches by 35-inches, so you get plenty of coverage for a budget-friendly price point that reviewers describe as "very affordable" for something that works so well. It comes in six color and pattern options that vary in price, but none are more expensive than $28.

Another shopper called the mat their "entryway savior" that worked perfectly at protecting their hardwood floors, even through a Northeast winter with heavy snowfall. The shopper added that the mat was "spacious enough" for several people to enter their home and stand on all at once, keeping their floors dry and snow-free. And a third shopper who bought the mat to help clean off their dog's paws added that it's "well made, effective, [and] easy to clean."

Keep your floors clean and protected from all that nature and your messy household have to offer by ordering the SlipToGrip Universal Doormat (or two) today.

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