Thanks to These Anti-Vibration Pads, Shoppers Say Their Washing Machines No Longer 'Dance, Walk, Run, and Jog'

One said it made their machines so quiet, they had to check they were still working.

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Spend some time in the laundry room and you've likely heard a jarring rattling that signals a machine hard at work. It's tempting to ignore those vibrations and let your washer and dryer continue on with a cycle, but an unleveled machine could lead to premature wear and tear and potential damage. Calling up the contractor for a bit of heavy lifting isn't required of solving this common woe, though, as Amazon shoppers found an answer in these non-vibration rubber pads.

SlipToGrip created its Washer Be Quiet non-vibration pads for preventing the shaking that can occur during washing and drying. You can choose from a four- or eight-pack of the rubber coated stainless steel pads that are made to universally fit all types of laundry machines, absorb the vibrations, and resist wearing out over time and continued use. The soft, layered rubber pads are non-slip and safe for use on multiple floor types, including linoleum and hardwood, too.

SlipToGrip Washer Dryer BE QUIET Non Vibration Pads

To buy: From $22;

For the easiest installation experience, SlipToGrip recommends that you have two people on hand for the heavy lifting and that your floor be free of potential debris. You can leave the power tools behind for installation, too, as the brand notes that you simply lift the unit and place a pad under each foot of your appliance.

Each one of those pads weighs under 2 pounds and is compact in size (3 inches by 1 inch), ensuring protection from that pesky vibration without a bulky appearance. One shopper confirmed the pads were an "easy fit" for their appliance, and another called the pads a "lifesaver," adding that they were an "excellent addition" to their laundry room.

Reviewers were especially fond of how effective the pads were, including one who was "blown away" when the vibrations remained "isolated" to the pads and stopped causing such a ruckus. Another reviewer confirmed that their washer, which would "dance, walk, run, and jog" about the room, now "stays in its place because of the pads."

If you do end up purchasing the pads, don't be alarmed when your laundry room is a lot quieter. One shopper noted that after installing, their wife was "concerned something was wrong with the washer" since they no longer heard any noise. They added that after inspecting the washroom, their wife "came back up happy that the problem was solved."

Enjoy your own quiet laundry room by buying a pack of the SlipToGrip Be Quiet non-vibration pads from Amazon today.

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