These lighting solutions from Sabrina Soto ofTrading Spaces are absolutely genius.

By Tamara Kraus
Updated May 15, 2018

Now that Trading Spaces is finally back in action, the team of design experts have a new wave of tips and tricks to also give our homes a needed reboot. We sat down with Sabrina Soto, the host of the beloved show and a partner with AirWick’s Essential Mist, to find easy ways to lift your mood at home. In addition to swapping out scents seasonally, whether it’s with candles or a diffuser, lighting can also seriously make or break your mood at home.

Here are four ways you can completely ruin your home’s ambiance—and the easy fix—to get the good vibes flowing, according to Soto.

You’re Using a Harsh Overhead Light In Your Bedroom

Sure, it's fine to use a bright light if you're cleaning, points out Soto—but not before bed when you're trying to unwind. A simple solution: use a dimmer to create a softer glow.

You Don’t Dim the Lights in Your Home at Night

It's a good idea to change the lighting throughout your home, based on your body’s natural circadian rhythm, says Soto. (See a theme here?) Use bright light in the morning to help your body wake up, and a yellow light in the evening to help release the melatonin and prepare your body for sleep.

You’re Using the Wrong Light Bulbs With Your Shade

One of the only times you should use a frosted bulb is if you have a harp shade. The reason? Since this particular type of shade is so wide, the light from a regular bulb can easily escape the shade and reflect in places you don’t want it to. Fix this oversaturated light problem by using a frosted light, which won’t bounce around light in unwanted places.