I Thought Percale Sheets Were the Only Answer to My Sweaty, Sleepless Nights—Until I Tried These

I never imagined linen would be this soft and cooling.

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Linen Sheet Set
Photo: Saatva.com

To put it bluntly, I'm a chronically hot and frustratingly light sleeper. I've put tons of time and effort into researching and testing out the best bedding materials to help me get the most shut-eye, but, until recently, I was still on the hunt. For years, I thought percale was the best fabric for me thanks to its cooling and comfortable reputation. It did the job, kind of, but that lightning rod "ahh, this is IT" moment, has eluded me still.

That all changed after I received a sample of the Saatva Linen Sheet Set. I was excited about the prospect of sleeping in these sheets after touching them with my hands. They're slightly textured, since they're real linen, but they're also incredibly soft and even out of the box, they felt cooler than the temperature of my room. Plus, as someone who, admittedly, cares about things like this, the expensive-feeling box (complete with a ribbon-tied bow) the set came in elevated the entire experience from the moment I received it in the mail.

Linen Sheet Set

To buy: From $192 (was from $255); saatva.com.

But the real high point of receiving these Saatva sheets was slipping into them later that night and every night since. These sheets seem to absorb the air conditioned temperature of my bedroom and hold onto it for dear life. Even under a down-stuffed duvet, the sheets beneath me stay other-side-of-the-pillow cool, as does the actual pillowcase under my head.

Shoppers agree and say they've "never slept cooler in [their] life." Another added that they're "so glad" they "made the upgrade to linen sheets." A third shopper noted the price and said that while they're not exactly cheap, these sheets get "softer with every wash" and said they "definitely recommend" them.

And right now, if you happen to be in the market for a new mattress or several sheets sets for your whole home, you could save up to $500 during Saatva's extended Labor Day sale, which is ongoing through Monday, September 12.

Give yourself the gift of restful, cool, comfortable sleep all year long by investing in a set of the Saatva Linen Sheets.

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