Hot Sleepers Swear By This $22 Temperature-Regulating Memory Foam Pillow

It’s gel-infused to keep you cool and comfortable.
By Christie Calucchia
December 18, 2020
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Hot sleepers know that no matter how mild or cold the weather is outside, you can still wake up in a layer of sweat. That’s where temperature-regulating bedding comes into play. You can pick out cooling bed sheets, lightweight comforters, and cooling pillows to turn your bedroom into a relaxing oasis. And according to hundreds of Walmart shoppers, Rest Haven’s gel-infused memory foam pillow is one of the best ways to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

The pillow is infused with a cooling gel and has a ventilated design that allows for air circulation as you sleep. Both features work in tandem to maintain a cool surface, which helps prevent you from overheating throughout the night. And don’t worry about how you’ll keep this cooling pillow fresh and clean: It has a removable cover that’s safe to throw in the washing machine.

Not only does the pillow have temperature-regulating aspects, but it’s also soft and supportive. Its memory foam material relieves pressure points in your head, neck, and shoulders, providing an ideal place to lay your head after a long day. Plus, it’s fit for all kinds of sleepers, whether you end up on your stomach, side, or back.

Ninety-three percent of Walmart shoppers who have tried out the pillow would recommend it to others, and hundreds of ratings tally up to a 4.6 out of five-star rating overall. Customers say the pillow is on the firmer side, but it’s a great option if you’re looking for support and will break in over time. Some even say the pillow has helped eliminate back and neck pain, while others say its temperature-regulating technology really works.

You can order a single cooling pillow for $22 or a pack of two for $41 while it’s on sale at Walmart right now. 


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