This month, we're challenging our readers (and ourselves!) to get organized—then sharing the results on Instagram with the hashtag #RSOrganizing!

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated September 01, 2018
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Real Organized Challenge Organized Closet
Credit: Laurey W.Glenn

Even if we haven't been in school for years (okay, decades), the beginning of September still signals a fresh start for many of us. But instead of buying new notebooks and sharpening our pencils, we're letting our new book The Real Simple Method to Organizing Every Room inspire us to get a fresh start on our homes by organizing those spots we've had on our to-do lists for forever. We each have our own pain points—maybe it's your bedroom closet (we hear you) or the cabinet under your kitchen sink. This month, we're challenging you (and ourselves) to tackle at least one clutter hotspot in our homes.

It can be the big project we've been putting off (looking at you, closet) or a small area that could use some organizing. Big or small, commit yourself to one space you can focus your attention on, rather than trying to overhaul your entire home all at once. In the book, we guide you room by room, so you can focus your attention on one space at a time, a methodical approach that pays off.

How to Join the Real Organized Challenge

Ready to join the challenge? Excellent! (Trust us, your home will thank you.) First, decide on one area to focus on. Don't worry, if you finish early, you can add on another space, but choosing just one to start will make it easier to reach your goal. Then, take a before photo of the space you picked, whether it's your medicine cabinet or your linen closet.

Get to Organizing!

Now for the fun (er, work) part: sorting everything, purging what you no longer need, and organizing the space. If you're not sure where to begin, our new book is full of checklists that will guide you step-by-step. Plus, here's a sneak peek at how to organize your kitchen, and check out the closet layout our editors swear by. You can find lots of other organizing how-tos on our Real Organized page. Start to do a little decluttering each day, or do it all in one shot—either way, you only have a month (until September 30) to meet your goal. It's strict, sure, but the time crunch will help you get it done.

Post Your Results

We want to see the dramatic transformations! Share your before and after photos in a slideshow on Instagram by tagging it #RSOrganizing. Our editors will also be joining in and posting theirs. Then wait for the likes and congratulatory comments to roll in. We may even share some of our favorites for everyone to admire. Organizing has never felt better.