You'll Never Have a Gross Bath Mat Again With This Quick-Drying Miracle Mat

It's time to throw out that bacteria-harboring mat in your bathroom.

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The Marbrasse Bath Mat

Soft and fluffy bath mats have always been an anomaly to me. Sure, they're nice to step on with dry feet, but the minute they get wet, they turn into super gross, matted creatures that can grow mold, mildew, and bacteria. Plus, instead of drying my feet, they just leave them damp, and the bath mat itself takes up to a day (or longer) to fully dry. Once my newest bath mat transformed into what I can only describe as Oscar the Grouch's fur in under two weeks, I turned to Amazon for a solution. That's when I came across this ultra sleek and absorbent bath mat, and I've never looked at another one since.

The Marbrasse Bath Mat ($30; is made from diatomite, which is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock that's great at absorbing odors and moisture thanks to how porous it is. (You've probably seen it at the bottom of freshwater lakes.) The mat is chemical free, anti-slip, and easy to clean by just wiping down. While the mat is hard, don't let that turn you away: It's actually extremely comfortable. The texture of it is not harsh or rough at all—it's just a super smooth surface, and it almost feels slightly cushioned when you step on it.

The Marbrasse Bath Mat

To buy: $30;

The best part? It literally dries within minutes of you stepping on it and helps your feet dry faster, too. By the time I'm done wrapping my hair in a towel, my soles are completely dry without me having to wipe them. It doesn't smell, and I never have to worry about throwing it in the wash after a few days of use. An added bonus? It gives my bathroom a modern touch. While the price point is a bit higher than what you'd usually pay for a bath mat, the Marbrasse mat will last you a long time instead of needing to be replaced every few months. In the long run, it's probably cheaper than the amount you'd spent on new mats—so the investment is totally worth it.

The mat comes in five different color options, including blue, gray, and pink, and you can get it to your door in just two days if you're a Prime member. That means, you can quickly, and finally, dispose of the gross bath mat that's been sitting in your bathroom for way too long.

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