Don’t throw away your outdated IKEA pieces—update them with the new stylish stick-on fronts from Prettypegs.

By Katie Holdefehr
February 01, 2018

If you have any outdated IKEA pieces lying around the house or hiding in storage (who doesn't?), you may want to check out Prettypegs before you decide to throw them out. This Swedish company creates everything you'll need to upgrade IKEA furniture, and today, they launched Frontly, a new line of adhesive covers, which as the name suggests, simply stick onto the front of any BESTA pieces. In just minutes, the boring BESTA cabinet will look like a modern piece from a high-end store. 

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Made from recycled wood, the stick-on fronts (from $35; come in four colors (pink, gray, white and mint), as well as four creative abstract embossed prints. To finish off the transformation, add new knobs (from $8) and even legs (from $60 for a set of 4). Considering all of the fronts, knobs, and legs you can choose from, there are nearly 600 unique combinations, so you can truly personalize a piece that's one-of-a-kind. 

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Besides just making your IKEA pieces prettier, the company hopes to stop the cycle of consumers discarding their BESTA after just a year of use. We've all been there—the second we have enough money to upgrade our IKEA decor, we either offer it to a friend or kick it to the curb. "At Prettypegs, we're convinced that by letting individuals add a bit of their own personality to their IKEA furniture, they will want to keep their furniture for a longer period of time," says Jana Cagin, co-founder and marketing manager at Prettypegs. Don't ditch your IKEA furniture, upgrade it. 


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