Dress up your plants (and give them the care they deserve) with these plant stands, hanging planters, tools, and more.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated October 29, 2018
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Picking a house plant you can love and care for for as long as it lives is no small feat, but once you’ve picked your plant—and hopefully nurtured it for at least a few months—you probably want to dress it up a little. Adding a pretty planter or setting your plant on an eye-grabbing plant stand both help plants look a little prettier, and the added elements double as décor.

Attractive plant-care tools are equally important: Watering your plant collection will become a treat not a chore if you’re using a gorgeous watering can to do it. Take your plant parenting to the next level with these plant stands, hangers, and more—your plants may not thank you, but your guests will certainly notice.


The Small-Space Booster: Tilly

Hang this miniature tillandsias—a small air plant—and its precious planter pocket literally anywhere; at just four-inches tall, it fits everywhere.

To buy: $46; bouqs.com.


The Table-Topper: Fiber Clay Plant Tripod

Set this sturdy (yet ultra-lightweight) planter on a kitchen or dining table for a relaxed modern centerpiece.

To buy: From $58; shopterrain.com.


The Artsy Plant Stand: Angled Plant Stand

Perch plants on the mesh shelves of this structural plant stand for a simple display that can dress up even the dullest planter. If your plant collection is in progress, you can stack books, picture frames, and other objets on the shelves, too.

To buy: $129; cb2.com.


The Room-Booster: Wood and Metal Leaning Ladder Planter

Put your plants on tiered display with this leaning planter, which has a gorgeous farmhouse chic–vibe.

To buy: $190; worldmarket.com.

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The On-Trend Hanger: Iris Macrame Hanging Planter

Set your favorite plant and planter in this woven hanger, hung from an indoor or porch ceiling, for a subtle boho look.

To buy: $20; urbanoutfitters.com.


The Seasonal Décor: Pumpkin Pot, Mini

This terracotta planter is small enough to easily tuck away once fall has come and gone, though it’s precious enough to work as a home for your tiniest plants (the pumpkin is only five-inches wide) all year long.

To buy: $16; shopterrain.com.

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The All-Purpose Hanger: Antique Galvanized Metal Hanging Planter

The industrial feel of this metal and jute hanging planter avails it to porches, patios, screened-in porches, and other part-indoor, part-outdoor spaces.

To buy: From $15; worldmarket.com.


The Side-Table Accessory: Large Glass Ball Terrarium With Wood Stand

Tuck this nine-inch terrarium on a bookshelf, side table, or coffee table—its fresh, natural look will help brighten up any space, whether it has plants in it or not.

To buy: $25; worldmarket.com.


The Pretty Watering Can: Petal Watering Can

The curves and blush shade of this enameled zinc watering can will make watering your plants a pleasure. Plus, it’s pretty enough to stay on display 24/7 as a visual reminder, so you’ll never forget to water again.

To buy: $24; shopterrain.com.


The Cute Clippers: The Floral Society Floral Clippers

The carbon steel blades of these small-but-mighty clippers are great for trimming flowers, pruning plants, and more.

To buy: $64; food52.com.


The Hardy Helper: Medium Mixing Tub

Expert gardeners swear by this useful tool, which contains some of the mess that comes with caring for indoor plants.

To buy: $6; homedepot.com.