Warning: this may make you want to redecorate. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated December 11, 2017
We’ve all been there: You’re eating the messiest food possible (a meatball sub, a plate of buffalo wings), when you accidentally drop it right on your living room rug. Don’t panic—and definitely don’t try to rub it clean. Instead, blot the spot with a clean white towel, Smallin Kuper suggests. She also only recommends using stain-removal products certified by the Carpet and Rug Cleaning Institute, such as Simple Green or Spot Shot. “The wrong type of spot remover may initially clean the spot, but leave a film that will attract dirt so that the stain will seem to reappear,” she warns.If you don’t have a store-bought stain remover on hand, you can whip one up, Johnson says. For the safest solution, mix together one teaspoon dishwashing liquid, two tablespoons white vinegar, and one cup water. Blot the solution on the spot, then blot dry or place a fan near the area. To buy: Spot Shot Aerosol Instant Carpet Stain Remover, $4; amazon.com.
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Pinterest is our go-to site for home design ideas and inspiration, so when their trend-watching experts predict what's about to take off, we're all ears. Today, they shared with us the home trends they've seen gaining traction, not just with interior designers, but with 200 million monthly Pinners from around the world. Here are four things you can expect to see in real homes (or maybe even your own) in the year ahead.

A Mix of Metallics

Brass has been trendy for a while now, and rose gold recently rose in the ranks, so it's no surprise that 2018 will not only see lots of metallics, but a mix of various metals within the same room. Forget the old rule that all the hardware in a home should match—this year, silver shines even brighter when set beside gold and copper. According to Pinterest, saves on accounts for the term "mixed metals" is up 423 percent, and the trend shows no signs of stopping.

Statement Ceilings

The fifth wall has gone unadorned for far too long, and more and more Pinners are taking notice. Saves for "statement ceilings" is up 310 percent, with Pinners curious about how paint, wallpaper, and patterns can transform this unexpected spot. As patterned wallpaper also continues to attract attention, we foresee lots of pretty wallpapered ceilings in our future.

Doors That Bring the Drama

From vibrant front doors, to mats with playful messages, Pinners are searching for front entrances that make a statement. If you're thinking of refreshing your front door, follow our tutorial here, then get inspired by these stunning doors in Pantone's color of the year, Ultra Violet. A door brushed in a bold hue is the perfect way to greet your guests.

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Art Will Hit It Big

Step aside gallery walls, oversized artwork is finally having its moment, and saves for "big wall art" are up 637 percent, making it one of the biggest home trends you'll see this year. To keep large pieces reasonably affordable, consider a giant photography print, rather than an original painting. Grand pieces look especially stylish over the couch or above the bed, so choose a spot where it will get admired often.

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