Wayfair might just replace your nearby pet supply stores with its latest collection. Here are our favorite items.

By Claudia Fisher
Updated June 28, 2018
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The Best Pet Supply Store Is Online, Wayfair
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In the days of yore, we pet owners had to schlep out to the neighborhood pet supply stores for our pets' needs and wants. The trek wasn't so bad if all you needed was a pack of treats and a new squeaky ball–but those trips I lugged home boxes of cat litter and jumbo-sized bags of dry food really took a toll on my dedication to my cat. Does she really need to eat every day? Just kidding–but you understand the edge I was pushed to if you've ever had to drag pet supplies home without a car.

Anyway, I call these "the days of yore" because we obviously have the internet now, and online shopping for your 100-pound Bernese Mountain Dog's bed is much less cumbersome than it was prior to the World Wide Web.

Yesterday, home goods site Wayfair exclusively launched a line of pet supplies, including furniture and accessories, called Archie & Oscar. Steve Oblak, Wayfair's chief merchandising officer, explained in a press release, “With Archie & Oscar, Wayfair customers will find everything they need to create a comfortable home that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family.”

The new online pet supplies store has over 500 products for dogs, cats, rabbits, small pets, and chickens, in addition to the pet supplies available on Wayfair outside the line. I parsed through the site's entire pet offerings to pick out some of Real Simple's favorites in case you'd like a jumping off point.

Below, find some of the cutest and most useful pet supplies on Wayfair.

Dog Bed From Wayfair's New Online Pet Supply Store
Credit: wayfair.com

Corinne Snuggle Dog Sofa

Well, this is just flat out adorable. Your dogs can have their own couch like the dignified human-dogs they know they are.

Apparently, as the product description will inform you, dogs have three main sleep styles: curling, leaning, and stretching. This miniature love seat is ideal for the curler and leaner dogs out there.

To buy: $68; wayfair.com.

Hooded Dog Bed From Wayfair's New Online Pet Supply Store
Credit: wayfair.com

Fern Snuggery Hooded Dog Bed

OK, so your pet isn’t so much a mini sofa kind of animal … then he or she will DEFINITELY be a pita bed critter. That’s not the product's official name, but it’s hard for me not to picture a furry friend curled up in this bed like the cutest gyro in the world.

To buy: $26; wayfair.com.

Small Animal House From Wayfair's New Online Pet Supply Store
Credit: wayfair.com

Alvin Wooden Small Animal House

Just because a pet is physically small doesn’t mean its presence in your life is small. Your pint-size buddy's dwelling should match the impact it has on your heart–so, those hamsters and rabbits deserve to be livin' large in a house where they can host their fellow critters for pleasant chatter over tap water and carrots.

To buy: $104; wayfair.com.

Enclosed Litter Box Cabinet From Wayfair's New Online Pet Supply Store
Credit: wayfair.com

Armando Litter Box Enclosure

This is one of the most discreet litter boxes I’ve ever seen. It’s not overly kitchy like some “hidden” litter boxes and looks more like a shoe storage unit that your cat’s poop station.

The front section–or your cat’s bathroom door, if you will–has a built-in mat to catch stray litter, keeping your floor clean and your cat a polite member of the household.

To buy: $80; wayfair.com.

Enclosed Litter Box From Wayfair's New Online Pet Supply Store
Credit: wayfair.com

Modern Litter Box Enclosure

I just giggled at the picture of this enclosed litter box because it looks like something a little kid would build as a fake TV then stick the family pet in and be like, “Mom! Fuzzy is on TV, look!” (Ahhh, I’m clearly having too much fun going through Archie & Oscar.)

This sleek little box can be either a house or a bathroom for your kitty and will blend in easily to almost any room with its neutral appearance.

To buy: $139; wayfair.com.

Cat Scratching Post From Wayfair's New Online Pet Supply Store
Credit: wayfair.com

Gertrude Scratching Post

Pet Food Bowl From Wayfair's New Online Pet Supply Store
Credit: wayfair.com

Kappel Speckle Pet Single Bowl

Why would your pet deign to eat out of plastic or homely bowls when, deep down, it knows it deserves a tasteful dish nicer than what you'd serve your kids on?

My parents buy their Shih Tzu her own steak for Sunday night BBQs, so you know Peri isn’t about to eat her filet mignon served in anything other than a beautiful bowl like this one, which comes in three colors for your pet to choose between.

To buy: $34; wayfair.com.

Fish Aquarium Bowl From Wayfair's New Online Pet Supply Store
Credit: wayfair.com

4 Gallon Classic Aquarium Bowl

As everyone knows from the critically-acclaimed drama “Finding Nemo,” fish are friends–so a regular ol’ bowl and plastic tree probably isn’t going to cut it. Aside from not being the most interesting home for your nautical pets, those common plastic bowls are kind of just clunky eyesores.

This aquarium bowl looks part lava lamp, part snow globe, and will add a lively decorative element to any room and spice up your fish's underwater life.

To buy: $82; wayfair.com.