7 Genius Products to Keep Your Pet Cool All Summer

Our pets are feeling the heat just as much as the rest of us. We’ve rounded up some products to help keep them comfy at home, on the road, and even by the pool.


Dog Pool Float and Lounger

Photo by frontgate.com

Whether they’re lounging on the deck or making a splash, pets can savor the last days of summer with this float designed just for them. The mildew- and puncture-proof vinyl mesh comes in 10 color options and three sizes—all built for optimal buoyancy for your pooch.

To buy: Starting at $70 (small), frontgate.com


FroBo Pet Bowl

Photo by thegreenhead.com

Find yourself reaching for a frosty beverage on scorching summer days? Give Fido the same option with this chilled water bowl that will keep his drink below room temperature for hours. Slip the nontoxic insert into the freezer until it changes color, set it back in the bowl, and fill with water. Works for cats of all kinds too.

To buy: $30, amazon.com.


Fundle Pet Sling

Photo by fundleus.com

This lightweight sling is ideal for small dogs and cats that dash at the sight of a traditional carrier. Not only does the mesh allow for ample airflow in the summertime, but it also provides a full view of the world around them.

To buy: $130, fundleus.com


DOOG Swim/bath Towel

Photo by tailwagginswag.com

This chamois-like towel will become a staple for owners of active dogs. Made of a quick-drying, antibacterial fabric, it helps curb that “wet dog” smell. Use it to dry off your pup following an afternoon swim, post hike, or even after their bi-weekly bath.

To buy: $13.50, amazon.com.


The Canine Splash Pool

Photo by hammacher.com

No backyard pool for your pet to seek solace from the sun? This splash pool is the ideal alternative, made from puncture-proof PVC material with reinforced siding to contain the waves. A side drainage plug allows you to empty the pool with ease, and it folds up for easy travel. No inflation necessary. Ideal for dogs 20 to 110 lbs.

To buy: $100, amazon.com.


Canvas Collapsible Water Bowl

Photo by foundmyanimal.com

A durable, stitched container when you need it that collapses to nearly nothing when you don’t. Use this coated-canvas bowl to serve up food or water during a long hike, then attach it to your belt loop or backpack until the next hydration break. Bonus: Each sale supports Found My Animal’s mission of dog adoption.

To buy: $36, foundmyanimal.com


Chilly Dog Mat

Photo by wayfair.com

Desperate heat calls for desperate measures, and this mat was made for those hot August days. Unlike traditional pet beds that often retain body heat, this cooling gel variety absorbs it. Ideal on its own or layered in a pet bed.

To buy: $30, walmart.com.