And the questions have nothing to do with color.

By Stephanie Harris
Updated August 03, 2018
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Lori Weitzner

It often feels impossible to explain why I prefer a certain style of clothing or home decor over another—I just tend to gravitate toward things that feel familiar, things that feel “like me.” That being said, I was intrigued (and a bit skeptical) when I was told that an online quiz/coffee table book duo could get to the root of my personal color palette. Nevertheless, when I flipped through color and textile expert, Lori Weitzner’s Ode To Color and filled out the corresponding online quiz, I found myself pleasantly surprised.

How The Quiz Works

Both the book and the quiz explain what draws us to our favorite colors as well as which colors we should be gravitating towards. The quiz draws on answers to surprising (and seemingly unrelated) questions to craft an individualized color profile based on ten different palettes, or “color worlds.”

Color, according to Weitzner, is a tool that can be used strategically to “engage all of the senses.” Weitzner suggests that “if we can find the color worlds best suited to us, we will feel better; and live better.” When asked about how she curated the quiz questions, Weitzner emphasized that “the color worlds are as much about emotions and moods as they are about the look. The questions in the quiz were created to try and get to the root of our personality traits, or as I like to call them, ‘soul traits.’”

What The Quiz Reveals

At the end of my quiz, I was somewhat surprised when I was placed into the “Fragrant Woods” color world with an emphasis on “Earthly” colors. According to Weitzner, I need “a palette of warm, dramatic colors” like sienna, terra-cotta, pomegranate, and earthen browns. My favorite color has been blue for as long as I can remember, and I couldn’t imagine decorating with “burnt umber” or deep purples.

But as I thought more about my personal style, I tried to think less about my established favorites, and more about my emotional associations — where and when am I most at peace? The answer: under sepia skies in the summertime, in my hometown suburb lined with leafy green, lounging on the chestnut wood deck in my backyard. I guess it’s fitting that mine is the color world of homecomings.

When discovering your own color world, remember this advice from Weitzner: “Often the colors we like, are not necessarily the colors we need most!”