You love your weighted blanket, but figuring out where to put it when you’re not using it isn’t so lovely—until now.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated February 13, 2019
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Weighted blankets have become essential for anyone who struggles to sleep, faces anxiety on a regular basis, or has difficulty managing stress. They’ve inspired the weighted eye mask trend and are a top gift for kids and adults alike. Even if you don’t buy into the purported physical and mental health benefits of weighted blankets, they’re still soft, cuddly, soothing additions to any bed. Trust me: You don’t know coziness until you’ve curled up under one.

With all the good weighted blankets have brought to our lives, it’s difficult to acknowledge that they’re not always easy to deal with. By definition, they’re bulky and heavy. Moving a weighted blanket around—to clear space for guests to sit, make the bed, or clean the surface underneath, for example—can be as effective as an arm workout at the gym, and almost as exhausting.

If you want to tuck the blanket away for a few hours or days, forget it. Folding a weighted blanket is difficult enough, finding a place to store it even more so. The blankets are too heavy for typical decorative storage ladders and too large for most woven baskets and other blanket storage spots. When it’s too hot to sleep under a weighted blanket, leaving it crumpled at the foot of the bed 24/7 might appear to be the easiest route, even if the blanket ends up kicked to the floor every night. (If this sounds familiar, the sanitary implications of leaving a blanket on the floor all night might be one of the worries keeping you up.)

All hope is not lost, though. There are places to store a weighted blanket and ways to put it safely (and cleanly) away without breaking a sweat. It just takes a little creativity—and maybe a trip to your favorite organizing store.

When shopping around for storage solutions for weighted blankets, keep two things in mind: the blanket’s weight and size. Most weighted blankets for adults start at 15 pounds and can weigh as much as 25 pounds; weighted blankets for children are typically between five and 13 pounds. This substantial heft means hanging weighted blankets on hangers or hooks isn’t ideal, and setting them on a thin, high shelf in a closet or cupboard will be difficult. A thin blanket may fit into a container with other blankets, but a thick weighted blanket will likely be bulky enough to merit its own storage spot. With all that in mind, read on for some weighted blanket storage ideas—one might be the solution you’ve been searching for.

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A Rolling Storage Ottoman

Storing a weighted blanket in a wheeled container makes moving the blanket from room to room a little easier while serving as a tried-and-true storage method. Look for a pouf or ottoman large enough to hold the blanket (this one might work) with a reinforced bottom to ensure it can hold up under the blanket’s weight.

A Couch With Built-In Storage

Couches are built to withstand a beating, and a couch with a storage base (like this one from IKEA) will likely have enough room to hold even the bulkiest weighted blanket—though probably not much more. Pulling the blanket out for a refreshing nap on the couch will be easy, though you will have to lug it into another room if you want to sleep under it all night long.

An Under-bed Storage Bag

A blanket as large as a weighted one will fit best in soft-sided containers—and sticking it in a bag under the bed, similar to this one, will both keep it close to your number-one sleep spot and store it in a place that doesn’t require hoisting it up high, risking a back injury (or, at the least, sore arms).

The Bottom Drawer of a Dresser

If you happen to be one of those lucky types with extra clothing storage space, consider folding the weighted blanket as neatly as possible—using a bed as a folding surface helps—and storing it in the bottom drawer. The dresser—ideally one with large drawers, similar to this one—should be strong enough to hold the blanket, and it’ll be tucked safely away for the next time you need it.

The Bottom Shelf of a Bookshelf or Cabinet

Storing a weighted blanket somewhere low is key—no one needs to be hoisting something that heavy (and unwieldy) up high. Look for bookshelves or cabinets with a large bottom shelf that could hold the blanket, instead; take inspiration from this storage cabinet. The blanket will be low, but not on the floor, and easy enough to grab when the time comes.

A Decorative Sack

Hear me out: The word sack may not bring images of a nicely curated home to mind, but large canvas bags work amazingly well as storage for unwieldy items, including weighted blankets. Get a bag with a pretty design—or a rustic one, like this one, if that’s your look—and stuff the blanket inside however you can. Set the bag in a corner or against a wall and call it décor. No one will ever know it holds your favorite sleep tool, and when the blanket is in use, you can fold the bag and tuck it away in a drawer.