3 Easy, Colorful Quarantine DIYs You Can Do with Just Washi Tape

From decorating mail to color-coordinating your closet.

As you're stuck at home, you may be looking for easy DIY projects you can tackle with the extra time on your hands. Bonus points if those projects call for inexpensive materials, don't require any technical know-how, and can be enjoyed by the whole family. So when we spotted the washi tape DIYs stylist Christine Keely created during her time at home, we had to add them to our quarantine activities list.

All you need to complete these projects are a few rolls of colorful washi tape (or any thin, vibrant tape will do). You can also order washi tape online and other decorative tapes online if you don't already have any on hand. Then, let the photos below inspire you to deck out care packages to family and friends, color-coordinate your clothes hangers, and even embellish interior doors. We could probably all use a little more joy right now, and these colorful washi tape ideas are an easy way to brighten up our homes.

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Spruce Up Your Snail Mail

colorful washi tape on envelope
Christine Keely

Nowadays, you may be sending more letters and packages to friends and family as a way to keep in touch during this time apart. To make boring white envelopes and brown paper packages feel more special, wrap them in colorful washi tape, as Christine did here. Consider adding stripes to an envelope or a playful pattern to a thank-you note.

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Color-Coordinate Your Clothes Hangers

washi tape on clothes hangers
Christine Keely

To add a burst of color to your closet, line the top of each hanger with washi tape. After your quarantine closet clean-out, you can also use the tape to color-coordinate, say blue for skirts and yellow for tops, to make items easier to find.

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Brighten Up an Interior Door

colorful washi tape on door
Christine Keely

To introduce a touch of color to your home—that doesn't require paint and is completely removable—deck out an interior door with washi tape. Let your kids pick out a tape in their favorite color to adorn their bedroom door. When they want a fresh look, just grab another roll of tape.

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