The 3 Best Underwear Drawer Organizers to Simplify Your Life

Stop searching for that missing bra in the morning.

Any organization system that can streamline our morning routines and speed up the time it takes to get ready is always a win in our books. After decluttering our closets and sorting through our shoe stash, there's one more area left to tidy up: the underwear drawer. That's where the home experts at Horderly come in. Here, the pros recommend the three best underwear drawer organizers, from customizable dividers that expand to fit any size drawer, to luxe linen drawer inserts that work for both bras and boxers. The three underwear organizers below will save you from sifting through a pile of lingerie to find that one elusive strapless bra you know is in there, somewhere.

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Method 1: Expandable Drawer Organizers

Drawer Organizer
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Without some separation between items, an underwear drawer will inevitably turn into a jumbled mess. To prevent this, create compartments for bras, underwear, and socks using drawer dividers. These expandable ones extend from 12 to 16 inches, to fit most standard-size drawers, but it's a good idea to measure your drawer (including the depth!) before you shop.

To store items, you can fold them first before sorting them into sections, or you can just throw them into the right area. The latter technique won't look as neat, but the divided sections will still help you avoid grabbing a pair of socks when you're really looking for boxers.

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Method 2: Soft Plastic Drawer Organizers

Soft Plastic Drawer Organizers
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If you prefer to give each bra or pair of underwear its own separate spot, consider soft plastic drawer dividers that come with slots for each item. This method works best if you typically take the time to fold your underwear and know you can keep up with this technique. And for those who tend to toss their underwear into a drawer without a second thought? Method #1 may be more your style.

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Method 3: Linen Drawer Organizers

Linen Drawer Organizers
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For anyone who's ever dreamed of having their top drawer look like a boutique lingerie store, this underwear drawer organizer was made with you in mind. Wrapped in a luxe linen-cotton blend, this divider has compartments for dress socks, ties, underwear, or bras. When your drawer organizer looks this good, you'll want to take the time to fold boxers and undershirts before stowing them away.

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