Stop searching through the couch cushions. 

By Katie Holdefehr
August 15, 2019
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Credit: Container Store

If attempting to turn on the TV in your house requires a 15-minute hunt through the couch cushions first, it's a telltale sign your living room is lacking one key organizer. Whether you choose a remote tray, bin, or box, keeping a remote organizer on your coffee table or side table is a living room essential. If you get in the habit (and get your family members in the habit) of placing all of the remotes back in the designated bin once you're done with them, you'll always know where the remote is—without tearing up the sofa first. Changing this one little thing can instantly make your living room feel more functional. 

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1 A Trendy Rattan Tray

Rattan is showing up everywhere right now–on storage cabinets, dining chairs, and yes, even coffee table trays. This one is large enough (it's 13-by-19 inches) to hold all of your TV remotes, plus a couple magazines. 

To buy: $50,

Credit: Amazon

2 Space-Saving Sofa Pocket

Don't want to waste space in a small living room? Skip the coffee table tray and opt for a storage pocket that hangs over the arm of your sofa. 

To buy: $17,

Credit: West Elm

3 Modern Mirrored Tray

Remote controls aren't exactly known for being stylish, but set them on this mirrored tray and they instantly look chic. 

To buy: $69,

Credit: Container Store

4 Portable Tray With a Handle

Stash your TV remotes on this wooden tray, and when guests come over or you need a little extra space on your coffee table, grab the handle to quickly whisk them away. 

To buy: $13,


5 A Luxe Leather Caddy

If you live in one of those houses that has four remotes for each TV, you're going to want to invest in a leather caddy with enough slots to store every single one. It's so spacious, there's even room for your tablet and cellphone. 

To buy: $34,