Storage doesn’t get more adorable than this.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated March 20, 2019
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Toy storage ideas - icon storage wicker unicorn

Finding the right toy storage ideas—or storage ideas for any organizing challenge—is a matter of knowing what needs to be stored, what solutions will fit into the space, and what will look good. Some storage solutions can actually be rather unattractive (looking at you, metal filing cabinets), practically so much so that the clutter seems like the best option. But no longer: At least for toy storage solutions, there’s a new idea in town, and it’s plain adorable.

We’re calling it icon storage, though the term isn’t ours—it came to us from the clever team at Pottery Barn. Icon storage can be used as storage for anything, though it’s primarily used for toys. It takes the shape of an icon: an animal, mostly, but icon storage can also look like a vehicle, a part of nature, or a building. Icon storage can be made from wicker, felt, fabric, or nearly any other material—as long as it’s a definitive shape, preferably that of something from nature, it’s icon storage.

This storage idea fulfills the same organizing need as any good storage basket, but it also looks incredibly good doing it. Forget out-of-place storage bins and boxes that look like they belong in the garage; icon storage can look like part of the room, especially in a nursery, playroom, or other casual space, where a piece of furniture that doubles as décor and is down-right adorable feels like a playful, appropriate addition.

Icon storage shaped like an elephant
Toy storage ideas - icon storage wicker elephant
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Use icon storage for organizing shoes, blankets, pillows, toys, or any other assortment of items that need a place to go where they can be easily accessed. Some, like a unicorn or elephant icon, look primed for a child’s space; others, like a crab, can work in any room of a beach home; and still more (think a double-decker bus) can work in an entryway.

Icon storage might not work in every room or in every home—a traditionally decorated living room or a formal dining room, for example, is not the spot for a storage basket shaped like an elephant—but for a playful, relaxed approach to keeping things tidy and in order, there’s nothing cuter.