These Clear, Stackable Food Storage Containers Help Produce Stay Fresh for Longer

Your fridge is about to get an organization overhaul.

The Spruce Clear Kitchen Organizers filled with cheese and produce
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When it comes to food storage containers for the fridge and pantry, we've tested a ton, and our list of criteria is long. Clear storage lets us see when supplies are running low—and reminds us what we have stocked. We also want them to be durable and lightweight. And they should help our food stay fresh for longer. Did we mention that they should be stackable, to maximize space in small kitchens? We thought we were probably asking for too much, until The Spruce teamed up with iDesign to create these refrigerator and pantry bin organizers. We finally found a kitchen storage set that checks all these boxes.

Designed for food storage in the refrigerator and pantry, the containers are stackable to make the most of vertical space. The integrated notches allow moisture to escape, helping produce stay fresh for longer. Plus, built-in handles make it easy to transport cheese, produce, or snacks to the counter when it's time to meal prep or pack school lunches. In the fridge, these containers can hold everything from fresh fruits and vegetables, to berries, to leafy greens, to blocks of cheese. In the pantry, they can help sort snack packs, coffee pods, and your tea collection.

Transparent storage containers are appreciated for their convenience, letting you see what's stored inside at a glance. By reminding you what you have on hand, they can help reduce food waste. These bins are crafted from BPA-free, 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic, and (after many, many years of use), each bin can also be recycled.

While these bins are lighter and more durable than breakable glass containers, they do have to be hand-washed. Skip the dishwasher and wash these containers by hand so they can help organize your kitchen for many years to come.

Sold as sets, each assortment contains three to seven food storage containers. Depending on your storage goals, here's how to select the best set for you.

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The Complete Fridge Overhaul

The Spruce, Clear Refrigerator Storage with fresh produce and eggs

The situation: You currently have zero refrigerator storage bins. The goal: An impressive refrigerator makeover.

If you previously thought that refrigerator organizers weren't necessary, prepare to admit you were wrong. This complete set includes a bin with a berry basket, an egg bin, a bottle storage bin for your seltzer habit, one small divided bin, one large divided bin, and two small bins.

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The Mini Makeover

The Spruce Three Clear Food Storage Containers with cheese, strawberries, and lemons

Ok, your fridge isn't a total mess, but it could use some tidying. This set of three essential organizers will help. It comes with a berry bin that makes rinsing strawberries a cinch, a small bin for lemons, limes, or other produce, and a large divided bin for sorting dairy or chopped vegetables.

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The Pantry Storage Pack

Four Clear Storage Bins with produce

If your fridge is just fine but your pantry could use a pick-me-up, order this set of four bins: two small and two large. The larger ones can hold protein bars and pretzel packs, while the smaller ones can stash sugar packets and tea bags.

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