The Home Edit's new Netflix show is full of home organizing wisdom.

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On their new Netflix show Get Organized, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin from The Home Edit organize cluttered homes across America. Each episode features one celebrity and one regular family, and in the first episode of the series, they start out strong: with a makeover of Reese Witherspoon's closet. And it's not just any closet, it's a showcase closet of her costumes and memorabilia. The iconic pink Legally Blonde suit, award show dresses, and outfits from Big Little Lies all get a spot. As The Home Edit team carefully displays each garment, purse, and even a stuffed animal version of Bruiser, they present tons of clever closet organizing ideas that anyone can use—even if you aren't stashing couture gowns. Here are five organizing ideas from Reese Witherspoon's closet that we'd like to steal for our own homes.

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Acrylic clear purse hook
Credit: Container Store

Invest in Purse Hangers

Acrylic Purse Hooks, $15 each,

One of the most memorable parts of the first episode (well, at least to all the organizing aficionados out there), was when The Home Edit displays Witherspoon's prized purses on sturdy acrylic hooks. Rather than crowd designer bags together on a shelf, each handbag now has its own designated spot. 

In your own closet, use these hooks to hold those favorite handbags you reach for most often. 

Closet with labels on bins
Credit: The Container Store

Label Everything (Including Your Hangers)

Closet Labels, $10,

When The Home Edit team brought out out the customized labels for the hangers holding each of Witherspoon's award show gowns, viewers instantly realized what their closets were missing. After The Home Edit co-founder Clea Teplin turned her handwriting into her own personalized font, the company started using the font for all the labels in their projects. 

Good news for those with poor penmanship: you can buy standard labels in Teplin's signature font from the Container Store, or you can order customized labels on their website

clear acrylic drawers stacked
Credit: Container Store

Use Clear Drawers to Stash Accessories

Portrait Acrylic Paper Drawer, $25,

To corral Witherspoon's accessories—and keep them out where they're easy to find—The Home Edit used transparent stacking drawers. With a label affixed to each drawer, she can clearly spot the accessories that coordinate with each outfit. 

In your own closet, these drawers can hold everything from hair clips to costume jewelry. 

Light blue storage boxes
Credit: Container Store

Leave Extra Room for Memorabilia

Stockholm Office Storage Boxes, from $10,

The finishing touch on Witherspoon's showcase closet: blue memorabilia boxes that she can fill with photos or papers. The Home Edit even left extra boxes so she has room to grow her collection. 

If you tend to hold onto family photos, holiday cards, and sentimental notes, set up extra space in your closet to stash them.