Tag Sale Supplies Checklist

Holding a sale? Here's the gear you'll need.

  1. Check Clear signs.

    Mead makes a waterproof poster board that won't wither in the rain; you can find it at Staples, Wal-Mart, and Office Depot. Use a permanent marker, and write neatly and legibly. Note: Always check whether there are restrictions on placements of signs in your community—and whether you need a permit to hold a tag sale.

  2. Check Money to make change.

    Start your selling day with $50 in ones, $30 in fives, $50 in tens, $60 in twenties, and $10 in quarters (one roll).

  3. Check Fanny pack or carpenter's apron.

    Stow bills in one pocket, change in another.

  4. Check Calculator.

    For tallying sales.

  5. Check Notebook and pen.

    Keep track of sales—especially important if this is a multifamily event.

  6. Check Card tables.

    Set up an attractive display of wares, and refresh it whenever you sell something.

  7. Check Measuring tape.

    Shoppers may want to measure pieces of furniture.

  8. Check Garment rack.

    Target ( and the Container Store ( are good sources.

  9. Check Full-length mirror.

    So shoppers can see what clothes look like.

  10. Check Extension cord.

    Allow shoppers to test lamps, radios, and other electrical appliances.

  11. Check Packing supplies.

    Have old newspapers, Bubble Wrap, plastic bags, and boxes on hand.

  12. Check Price tags.

    Put them on top of your items, not on the bottom, where buyers will have to search for them.

  13. Check Outdoor speaker and a few playlists.

    Play pleasant background music with broad appeal. Sinatra, mellow rock, or classical are all good choices.

  14. Check Tarps.

    For protecting items in case of rain.