Here's how to tuck a little extra storage into every room in your house.

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Storage Ideas for Small Spaces, wooden bedside shelf
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If you think your home simply doesn't have enough space for you to get organized, think again. These seven storage ideas for small spaces will sneak extra shelves, baskets, and bins into spots you didn't even know your home had. If you don't have room for a bulky nightstand, let some wall-hanging shelves hold your bedside reading. Want a place to stash the overflow from your bedroom closet? Consider raising your bed (in the most stylish, grownup way possible) to make room for shallow bins or a rolling shoe rack. With these clever organizing tricks strategically placed around your home, you'll instantly double your home's organizing potential—no renovation necessary.

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White laptop riser on desk
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1 Get a Desk Riser to Double Your Work Space

Wish you had more space to lay out your books, notes, or tax forms on your desk? Invest in this stylish riser that elevates your desktop, leaving the space underneath free for books, papers, and school supplies. 

To buy: From $39,

Gray felt pocket that hangs from side of bed
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2 Store Bedside Essentials (Without a Bedside Table)

This hanging felt pocket keeps bedside essentials close at hand without cluttering up a bedside table. 

To buy: From $16,

Storage Ideas for Small Spaces, magnetic fridge organizer in kitchen
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3 Let a Magnetic Fridge Work Organizing Magic

If you have a magnetic fridge, you're in luck. Get a hanging magnetic organizer that can hold a roll of paper towels, a dish towel, and lightweight kitchen supplies right on the side of your refrigerator. Bonus: It will free up valuable kitchen counter space. 

To buy: $40,

white and wood side table with basket underneath
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4 Buy Furniture With Built-in Storage

To maximize storage in a small space, every single piece of furniture has to do double duty. You've probably already considered storage ottomans and storage benches, but what about storage side tables? This slender side table comes with a built-in basket for stashing books or a spare blanket. 

To buy: $83,

white storage shelf for the corner of shower
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5 Install a Floating Shower Shelf

Don't let shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel hog precious space on your bathroom counter. Instead, install a corner shelf that suctions directly to the side of a tile shower. 

To buy: $22,

wooden floating bedside shelf with mug and book

6 Let a Floating Shelf Stand in for a Nightstand

If your cramped bedroom doesn't leave you enough space for nightstands on both sides of the bed, opt for a wall-mounted shelf instead. To maximize the storage potential, choose an organizer that comes with both a drawer and a shelf. 

To buy: $131,

Wooden bed risers for storage
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7 Maximize Under-the-Bed Storage

If you're not currently using the space under your bed for storage, you're missing out on a chance to double your bedroom storage. Order a set of risers (our recommendation: skip the cheap plastic risers and opt for stylish wooden ones), then tuck shallow storage baskets under the bed. Suddenly you'll have enough room to store your out-of-season clothing outside your closet. 

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