These organizing MVPs can help you tame your biggest clutter problems.

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Organizing your home involves not only decluttering and getting rid of the stuff you don't need, but also finding a way to better store and access the things you do.

Not sure what organizational ideas will streamline your home? Simply host Haley Cairo shares her top products to help get your space in order fast. Whether it's heavy-duty chrome shelves for big and bulky items, or tiny adhesive containers to keep things handy in your cabinet doors, these are the five products Haley recommends for getting all your clutter under control.

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These pull-out shelves are strong enough to handle heavy-duty kitchen appliances—making it much easier to access your mixer, blender, or other tools. 

adhesive light

Ecolight Adhesive Light


Pop these easy-to-use LED lights in dark cabinets to make it much easier to seek out whatever you need. 

adhesive container

Adhesive Bins


Haley loves adhesive bins for making use of every square inch of her cabinets—she posts them inside cabinet doors to store cleaning tools, drink packets, and other items that get easily lost in the cabinet recesses.

chrome shelves

Chrome Shelves


For bulky items, a set or two of these chrome shelves in the garage or basement helps you store holiday decorations or rarely used kitchen gear. 

5 drawer cosmetics organizer

Cosmetics Organizer


Modular clear acrylic shelves and drawers make it easy to see what you have and find just the lipstick or nail polish you were seeking. 

Paris 6 Tier Acrylic Cosmetic/Makeup Organizer

6 Tier Acrylic Cosmetic/Makeup Organizer


Look for stackable organizers that let you easily pull out and transport the ones you need.