Pro Organizer Shira Gill Shows Off Her Serene Home—Along With Tips for Tidying Every Room

Her new book Minimalista will inspire your next decluttering session.

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We've been consulting with organizing expert Shira Gill on her closet tidying tips and decluttering secrets for years. So when we heard that she was writing a book, called Minimalista, we had no doubt it would become a reference we reach for again and again. In the book, she offers straightforward, relatable tips for editing every single area of your home—room by room, drawer by drawer—to fit your space and your lifestyle. To peek behind the scenes at how the pro really brings these principles to life within her own space, Gill granted us the full tour of her family's home in San Francisco, photographed by Vivian Johnson. Forget everything you might assume about a pro organizer's house being stark and sterile; Gill's home strikes the perfect balance between minimal and cozy, tidy yet welcoming. The cherry on top: She's taking us room by room, doling out her best organizing advice to borrow for your own home.

Kitchen: Make Open Shelving Work

Open kitchen shelves painted white
Reprinted from MINIMALISTA by Shira Gill. Copyright © 2021 by Shira Gill. Published by Ten Speed Press, an imprint of Random House, a division of Penguin Random House LLC. Photographs copyright © 2021 by Vivian Johnson.

"Want to enjoy the ease of open shelves but worried about the cluttered mess being on full display for all to see? Treat yourself to one nice set of plates, bowls, and glassware (with a realistic number of place settings—like, will you ever host 15 people for dinner?)," says Gill. Once you have a matching set you're not afraid to show off, you can grab and go, without worrying whether everything coordinates or looks cluttered.

Living Room: Pick Your Priorities

calm living room with wooden coffee table and chair: Shira Gill
Photography by Vivian Johnson for Shira Gill

"Your living room should support your life, not make it more stressful!" says Gill. "Once you clarify how you want your living room to look, feel, and function, you can strip away the excess clutter, relocate any random items, and set your space up to facilitate activities you actually enjoy and want to do more of (i.e., reading, lounging, or playing games)." Start with how you want to live, and then create organization systems to match.

Closet: Sort By Style and Color

Shira Gill Closet with Shoes
Photography by Vivian Johnson for Shira Gill

A tidy closet isn't just about aesthetics—it will transform your daily routine. "Being able to get dressed each morning with ease will help you have a positive start to your day and show up as a more present and confident version of yourself. To ensure that you can easily find your favorite wardrobe staples, group your clothing by both type (shirts, pants, etc.) and color, making sure that your everyday essentials are front and center for easy access."

Pantry: Go Vertical

tidy pantry and kitchen cabinet
Photography by Vivian Johnson for Shira Gill

"Embrace vertical storage to maximize space in your pantry. Clear, airtight jars work wonders for keeping pantry staples fresh, and open bins provide easy storage for snacks, treats, beverages, and canned goods." In both cases, containers are called on to prevent bags, bottles, and spice jars from floating around the shelves where they'll be impossible to find.

"Remember to store the most frequently used items at arm's reach and seasonal or occasional-use items on the highest or lowest shelves," Gill adds.

Bathroom: Curate Your Collection

Tidy bathroom with white shelves and hooks
Photography by Vivian Johnson for Shira Gill

"Here is the truth: one nice product costs far less than a dozen cheapo products. By buying fewer (but better!) products, you can elevate your daily essentials, save a boatload of money, and create more breathing room in your bathroom cabinets and drawers," says Gill. Sometimes, the key to an organized space isn't just about decluttering what you don't need, but also being intentional about what you bring into the space. The same concept applies to investing in high-quality bath towels and a robe you'll use for years.

Entryway: Keep It Simple

Shira Gill Entryway
Photography by Vivian Johnson for Shira Gill

"Set yourself up for success by establishing intuitive homes for items that typically get dumped by the front door. Keep it super simple—hooks for bags, coats, dog leashes, and backpacks, a basket or cubbies for shoes, and a stylish tray for incoming mail." When the system is intuitive, everything will land where it belongs (at least, most of the time) without having to remind your family members.

Kid's Bedroom: Choose Timeless

Organized Child's Room with patterned wallpaper
Photography by Vivian Johnson for Shira Gill

"When styling your kids' spaces, always choose timeless over trendy," Gill recommends. "Invest in simple, high-quality furniture that can age with your kids, and add age-appropriate personal touches using peel-off wallpaper, bedding, and decor," she suggests. That way, you'll have less clutter to sort through and toss out as your kids get older.

Buy the Book

Shira Gill Minimalista Book Cover
Reprinted from MINIMALISTA by Shira Gill. Copyright © 2021 by Shira Gill. Published by Ten Speed Press, an imprint of Random House, a division of Penguin Random House LLC. Photographs copyright © 2021 by Vivian Johnson.

Feeling motivated to declutter your way to an equally calm and well-curated space? Order Minimalista, and let Gill walk you through the process step by step.

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