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How to Replace (and Store) Crucial Documents
Missing a birth certificate or your car title? Here's how to get replacement copies, and where to store them.
How to Organize Bills
It's safe to say that no one enjoys paying the bills, but having a solid system for tackling this task—as shown in this video—can take at least some of the sting out of it. Here's how to keep bills organized both before and after you pay them.
Home Inventory Documenting Checklist
What have you got to lose? In the case of a fire, flood, or burglary, a lot. With this primer you'll be able to create a home inventory quickly and easily using a notebook, a video camera, a digital camera, or a combination of all three. The payoff? Knowing you're completely covered.
Systems for Organizing Your Mail
A few simple methods will keep bills, catalogs, and other mail from piling up.