Here's how to keep your home tidy post-quarantine.

By Katie Holdefehr
June 17, 2020
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If you spent the past few months in quarantine busy decluttering closets, clearing out the basement, and reorganizing the pantry, you may be wondering how you can keep these organization efforts going even as states reopen. Investing in the right home organizers now could be the trick to keeping your home tidy—even once we eventually return to our busy schedules. Plus, by decluttering before you shop for organizers, you can be sure to buy the right size and invest in solutions that will really work for your home and lifestyle. Here are some smart options to keep your quarantine decluttering efforts tidy for months to come.

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Container Store clear drawer organizer
Credit: Container Store

1 Drawer Dividers

If your quarantine decluttering even included sorting through your sock drawer, this 32-compartment organizer will keep it neat. Use this versatile organizer to sort everything from socks, to stockings, to belts and accessories.

To buy: $10,

canvas closet organizer
Credit: Container Store

2 Hanging Closet Organizer

I've said it before and I'll say it again: This is one of the best under-$20 closet organizers around, and a couple years ago it was a total game changer for my cluttered closet. Clip this three-compartment organizer right onto the metal bar in your closet, then let it hold everything from sweaters to bath towels. Add on the sturdy pull-out drawers to corral small accessories.

To buy: $18,

woven basket organizers
Credit: Jungalow

3 Stylish Entryway Organizer

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted many of us to rethink our entryway organization, now that face masks, disinfecting, and removing our shoes have become important parts of our daily routines. To stash all the essentials close to the door, opt for this beautiful set of hanging baskets.

To buy: $149,

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clear pantry bins
Credit: Container Store

4 Stacking Pantry Bins

During quarantine, it seems like everyone—yes, even Martha Stewart—was busy decluttering their pantries as they stocked up on staples. To keep those neatly arranged canned vegetables, soups, and snacks neatly organized for months to come, invest in a few pantry bins. These are clear, so you can see exactly what you have, and they stack, conveniently saving space.

To buy: $18,

rattan round woven tray

5 Woven Countertop Tray

At Real Simple, we're big fans of using trays to tidy up kitchen counters. If you have a large kitchen island or spacious coffee table, let this beautiful 15-inch rattan basket hold fresh fruit, stash TV remotes, or even corral your keys and wallet. Each basket is handwoven by Cambodian artisans at MANAVA, with each sale contributing to a sustainable income (learn more here).

To buy: $35 (plus shipping),

gray tassel woven storage baskets
Credit: Domain

6 Chic Storage Baskets

Looking for a stylish way to organize small items like silk scarves, nail polish bottles, loose change, and other odds and ends? These handwoven baskets are the answer.

To buy: From $32,

clear glass vanity organizer stand
Credit: Anthropologie

7 Vanity Stand

Ever wish you had just a little more space on your bathroom counter? This vanity stand will maximize your bathroom storage by taking advantage of vertical space. Use this stand to stash the products you reach for every day.

To buy: $48,