Finally, personal care products you won't want to hide in a cabinet.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated August 22, 2019
Public Goods

Recently, direct-to-consumer subscription home goods companies seem to be popping up all over, filling my Instagram feed with their promises of minimalist bamboo toothbrushes and eco-friendly toilet paper. While I was an early fan of Grove Collaborative and its great-smelling cleaning spray, it had been a while since another company tempted me to hit "subscribe." That is, until I spotted Public Goods. Opting into a free two-week trial (which I should note, is easy to cancel with a quick email if you so choose or you can start a membership for $59 a year), I ordered refillable floss, a beautiful razor, and pretty kitchen towels. I was so pleased that within a few days of receiving my first order, I decided to reorder. Here are some of Public Goods' beautiful, refillable home goods that will make your bathroom (and kitchen) look neater than ever.

Public Goods


The sleeper hit of my first Public Goods order, I loved the sleek design of this floss so much, I opted to order refills just a few days later. Rather than tossing out a plastic container every time you open a new floss, this beautiful glass bottle is conveniently refillable. And while I have to admit, I'd never analyzed the quality of my floss before, after flossing with pure silk coated with peppermint candelilla wax, I was sold. 

To buy: $3,

Public Goods


Instead of throwing yet another plastic toothbrush into the landfill every few months, opt for a bamboo brush that's fully biodegradable. 

To buy: $4 for 2,

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Public Goods


My original reason for ordering from Public Goods? This beautiful bamboo razor, which puts plastic drugstore razors to shame. After testing it for two weeks, I can confirm that it gives a close shave and looks great on the shelf in my shower. Just be careful, the smooth bamboo handle can get slippery. 

To buy: $11,

Public Goods


The easiest way to make your kitchen look tidier: set some clean cotton dish towels out on the counter. These are more absorbent than most Turkish towels, yet they still dry quickly. 

To buy: $6 for 2,