How Pro Organizers Arrange a Closet for Maximum Storage

Your closet is more spacious than you think.

2020 Real Simple Home Tour: Bedroom Closet
Photo: Christopher Testani

In the 2020 Real Simple Home, Fillip and Jamie Hord, the organizing pros behind Horderly, created our dream bedroom closet. Custom Elfa shelving, neatly folded stacks of sweaters and jeans, and glorious rows of shoe storage make this closet especially covetable. Short of calling this closet our own (a clear first choice), our next best bet is to borrow some of the organization ideas hiding inside. Even mini moves, like switching to slimline hangers, can make a tiny closet feel instantly more spacious. Here are five things the pros know about closet organization.

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Switch to Slimline Hangers

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If you're still using mismatched clothing hangers you've collected over the years, you could be inadvertently wasting precious closet space. The best way to instantly upgrade your closet for less than 30 bucks? Invest in a set of slimline, no-slip hangers.

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Opt for a Double Hang Closet Rod

There's a good chance you're not maximizing all of the vertical space in your bedroom closet. Horderly's solution: add a second closet rod. Place one near the ceiling (just make sure it's still accessible) and a second rod several feet above the floor. The top rod holds blouses, while the bottom one stores skirts and pants. Voila—closet space doubled.

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Start Shelves a Few Inches Above the Floor

2020 Real Simple Home Tour: Cleaning Closet
Christopher Testani

It's no mistake that the Horderly team chose to start the shelving in the utility closet just a few inches off the floor. This way, using the floor for storage simply isn't an option. "When items live on the floor, items can easily pile up and create clutter!" explains Jamie Hord. Instead, kitty litter and trash bags are all neatly stashed on the lowest shelf.

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Utilize Wall Space

To put the walls to use in the utility closet, the pros installed an Elfa Top Track, along with a set of hooks. A formerly blank wall now holds dusters and microfiber mops.

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Corral Small Items in Bins

Whether in a bedroom closet, utility closet, or linen closet, bins and baskets can help stash smaller items on shelves. In a bedroom closet, use them to sort scarves or gloves; in a linen closet, they can wrangle stain sprays and dryer balls.

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