Peter's Goods Rustic Floating Wall Shelves with Rails

These Easy-to-Install Shelves Completely Revolutionized My Cluttered Bathroom

They cost $25, but look so expensive.
By Rachel Nussbaum
April 27, 2021
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To say my bathroom is cluttered would be the understatement of my entire life. I test dozens of beauty products a month, so try as I might to keep my routine tightly edited, an onslaught of products quickly takes over (think The Blob from outer space, but a rolling mass of skin and hair products). It's one of my favorite perks of the job, but when it comes to my tiny New York City apartment, the clutter can get so overwhelming that visitors often need me to point out the hand soap amongst the serum bottles—that is, until I found the floating wall shelves that single-handedly rescued my apartment. 

I first came across Peter's Goods Rustic Floating Wall Shelves with Rails featured in a post on a skincare Reddit forum, where someone's beauty routine was enviously arrayed on the spacious, minimalist shelving. In love with the shelves' clean lines, I tracked them down on Amazon; they come in a set of two for $25, and given the price, I was prepared to be disappointed with subpar construction, cheap wood, or a complicated installation process. 

Yet with 5,500+ five-star ratings and over a thousand reviewers thrilled with their purchase, I figured I had nothing to lose and so much storage space to gain. When the shelves arrived at my door, the quality was undeniable; the wood is lightweight but strong enough to easily hold at least 10 pounds of beauty products, plus they securely affixed to the wall within minutes thanks to the included screws and fasteners. And with the stable guard rail, there's no risk of anything falling off, or a cat jumping up to wreak destruction. 

To buy: $25 (was $35);

My previous bathroom situation was a disorderly combination of my medicine cabinet, sink counter, shower caddy, and storage bins, so the shelves were an instant upgrade that still makes me marvel. In the span of 15 minutes and $30 bucks, I could suddenly organize my collection (or, you know, hoard) by category, concern, and ingredients. It's no Marie Kondo feat, but it's a 2,000 percent upgrade in usability, and it's so much easier to clean with the products better marshaled. 

I was so impressed by my first set of shelves that I immediately hopped on Amazon to order another and create a track shelving-esque situation. They come with an attachable towel rod, but towels are the least of my space-eating items, so I forwent them. True to the Amazon listing, the experience really was "renovation redefined"—and as other shoppers attest, the sophisticated colorways work in any room of the house (as a stroke of genius, some even use the rod as mug storage). 

If you have limited space and want to change that, more shoppers say it doesn't get easier than the shelves. "They have made a huge difference in the appearance of our bathroom, since most of what is on the shelves now used to be scattered all over the countertop," a shopper in a similar situation writes. Others say they're way less expensive than similar options at other stores, and easy for anyone to install regardless of home improvement experience. Simple, beautiful, easy, affordable, and no contractor required—if only all renovations were the same. Get the shelves for $25 on Amazon, and you'll be organized in no time.