3 Smart Ways to Tame Your Paper Clutter

If it feels like you're drowning in papers, one of these strategies can help you stay organized stylishly.

Paper clutter can be overwhelming, but the pros at Horderly have three smart strategies to help you tackle the stacks of paper once and for all.

To start, sort papers into broader categories for hanging file folders, then create smaller files within each category to make it easier to get your hands on just what you need.

Then decide on whether you want file folders that are on display, in a cabinet, or in lidded bins to keep them more under wraps.

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Clear Plastic Hanging File Organizer

Clear Plastic Hanging File Organizer

This sleek display bin makes it more attractive to display files on open shelving—and makes it easy to track down exactly what you need.

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Hanging File Folders

hanging file folders

No need for bland vanilla manila folders—use attractive file folders to make paper storage more stylish.

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3-Drawer File Cabinet

3 drawer file cabinet

To keep your papers under wraps, a sleek file cabinet can help hide away your files.

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Label Maker

Label Maker

Use a label maker to add a pro-level finished look to your filing system.

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Office Storage Boxes

office storage box

Use attractive lidded storage to organize your papers. You can opt for vertical storage that holds hanging file folders, or other formats that can hold kids' artwork and other oddly shaped items.

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