Here's how to double the storage space in a small bathroom.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated August 07, 2019
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If your small bathroom doesn't have enough cabinets to hold all of your hair products and lacks sufficient counter space for your cosmetics, it's time to introduce some over-the-toilet storage into your space. In most bathrooms, the space over the toilet is an underutilized area, a blank wall just waiting for floating shelving or a clutter-concealing cabinet. Plus, the top of the toilet tank itself is another opportunity for storage boxes or trays. To tuck a little extra storage into a small bathroom, try one (or two) of the organization ideas below.

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Over the Toilet Storage, White and Gold Shelves
Credit: Pottery Barn Kids

1 Elegant Floating Shelves

Adding a set of floating shelves is a sleek, modern way to introduce over-the-toilet storage into your space. But to prevent bottles and products from accidentally falling, look for shelves with a convenient rail. We spotted these white-and-gold shelves in the kids' section, but they look elegant enough for a grownup bathroom, too. 

To buy: $89,

Over the Toilet standing shelves
Credit: Wayfair

2 A Standing Shelving Unit (Ideal for Renters)

If you're a renter or simply don't want to deal with installing a new set of shelves, order a floor-standing shelving unit that's designed to fit around your toilet. This wood and metal option would work for both industrial or modern farmhouse-style homes. 

To buy: $137,

Over the Toilet Storage, Woven Bin
Credit: Pottery Barn

3 A Stylish Bin for the Top of the Toilet Tank

The top of the toilet tank is a perfect opportunity to sneak in a storage bin or tray. Let your storage needs guide your choice: if you want to stash cotton balls and cotton swabs, opt for a storage bin with a protective lid. If you're looking for a spot to add a scented candle and your go-to cosmetics, choose a pretty tray. 

To buy: $39,

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Over the Toilet Storage, white minimalist floating cabinet
Credit: Urban Outfitters

4 A Wall-Hanging Cabinet

Whether you already have a medicine cabinet or not, you can make use of the blank wall above the toilet by adding a mirrorless, wall-hanging storage cabinet. It will instantly double the amount of makeup, hairspray, and medicine your bathroom can hold. 

To buy: $159,

Gold and Wood Over the Toilet Shelving
Credit: World Market

5 A Wall-Mounted Shelving Unit

When searching for over-the-toilet storage, don't limit yourself to shelving that's specifically designed for the bathroom. Just be sure to measure the available space before you order to avoid buyer's remorse. These 24-inch-wide shelves would work in most bathrooms. 

To buy: $90,