8 Genius Over-the-Door Organizers, All Under $50

Don't overlook this crucial storage space.

over-the-door shoe storage rack
Photo: Container Store

If you've ever wished your home had just a little bit more storage space, it's time to consider the spots you may be overlooking. Under the bed—check. On the side of the fridge—check. But what about the backs of the doors? If you aren't already using over-the-door organizers in your closet, bathroom, and laundry room, you could be passing up tons of extra space. From bedroom closets to kitchen cabinets, here are some hardworking over-the-door organizers to tidy up every room in your home.

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Back-of-the-Kitchen-Cabinet Storage

wire basket back of cabinet door organizer
Container Store

Most households probably have at least one kitchen cabinet that's overflowing with food storage containers, pot lids, cutting boards, and a stash of plastic bags to repurpose. Keep plastic bags (or reusable tote bags) in this wire basket that clips onto the back of a cabinet door. They'll be out of the way, yet easy to grab when you need one.

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Over-the-Door Valet

over the door organizer, silver valet
Bed Bath & Beyond

This collapsible door valet gives you extra closet storage whenever you need it—and tucks away when you don't. If you tend to steam your clothes rather than iron them, this storage rack is the ideal spot for de-wrinkled shirts and dresses.

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A Seriously Stylish Solution

Gold back of door organizer with hooks
Urban Outfitters

Truth: back-of-door organizers aren't exactly known for looking cute. That is, until this golden moon phase multi-hook rack was created. Slip it over the top of your closet door to hold sun hats, beach bags, and scarves.

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Cleaning Closet Storage

Cleaning closet back of door organizer

To stash more cleaning supplies in a hallway closet or fit more detergent and dryer balls in a linen closet, opt for this minimalist white wire storage rack. It has two baskets for holding an assortment of bottles, plus hooks for an apron or cleaning cloths.

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The Ultimate Back-of-the-Door Shoe Rack

black metal back of door shoe rack
Container Store

All those with an extensive shoe collection, this one's for you! This 12-tier shoe rack extends the entire length of your closet or bedroom door and holds up to 36 pairs of shoes. Consider this step #1 for streamlining your morning routine.

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Minimalist Storage Rack

white metal storage rack

The vertical design of this sleek storage rack lets you hang your hat (and scarf, and purse) on the back of a door, without turning it into a jumbled mess. Crafted from powder-coated steel, this elegant hook rack is surprisingly sturdy.

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Must-Have Laundry Room Organizer

back of door rack for ironing board and laundry supplies
Bed Bath & Beyond

Let the top rack hold an iron, lint roller, and stain removers, while the hooks below cradle your ironing board. Bonus: with this organizer mounted on the back of the laundry room door, you'll free up plenty of counter space for sorting and folding clothes.

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The Best for the Bathroom

Bathroom Over the Door Organizer

Towels and bathrobes find a home on the storage hooks—toiletries win prime real estate on the shelf. In a too-tiny bathroom, this back-of-the-door organizer will instantly double your storage space.

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