3 Ways the Pandemic Changed Home Organization for 2021, According to the Pros

Can you guess which rooms everyone wants to update this year?

After a year of spending more time at home, including many more Americans working from home, it's no surprise that in 2021, we're looking for a home organization overhaul. We had our guesses as to which rooms made the top of the makeover wishlist—hello, home office!—but to confirm, we reached out to the organizing pros at California Closets. They revealed the storage trends they've been noticing this year, along with the data to prove it. Here are the top organizing trends of 2021, plus how to get the look for your own home.

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Multi-Functional "Zoom Rooms"

California Closets Convertible Standing Desk
California Closets

Just how much has the home office gained in popularity this year? According to the California Closets team, they've seen a 36 percent increase in demand for this space. "The new 'hot space' is a luxury home office—either in a spare room or reclaiming a nook or closet space to utilize it for work from home," says Jill LaRue, the chief merchandising officer at California Closets. But for many, they don't just want a dedicated "zoom room," opting rather for a multi-functional space that can serve other purposes.

"What customers love about working with our designers is that they can create multi-functional spaces—one example is building a wall bed into a home office. This allows for 'zoom by day, guest room by night,' which comes in handy when grandparents come to visit."

Another option: in a small space, like the side of a living room or guest room, this convertible desk (pictured) from California Closets' The Everyday System can be adjusted to different heights. In the morning, it can be your child's virtual learning classroom, then raise the desk in the afternoon to serve as your standing desk for video calls.

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Pantry Storage Is In-Demand

California Closets Organized Pantry
California Closets / Photography by Amy Carroll

For all those who found themselves with nowhere to stash their bulk supply of canned goods, toilet paper, and chips during the pandemic, this new organizing trend will come as no surprise. California Closets reports a 22 percent increase in demand for pantries this year.

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Life-Changing Closets

California Closets, Walk-in Closet
California Closets

At least there's one thing the pandemic has not changed: everyone wants a tidier closet. "Taming the closet is always a big project and usually at the top of the list for organization," says LaRue. "This is also one of the more transformational experiences. When customers realize what having an organized closet can do to improve their everyday routine, they look at other areas in their home differently and want the same sense of order."

Ready for some life-changing magic? Consider a complete closet makeover, or start small by purging these 11 items from your closet today.

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White and Wood Finishes

California Closets, White & Wood Finishes
California Closets

In terms of design for these organizational spaces, white finishes, especially mixed with warm wood tones, is the most popular choice. "We make our white finishes upscale with subtle nuances—matte whites and beautiful wood textures create depth and richness," says LaRue.

Consider installing an entire closet system in white and warm wood tones, or introduce some organizers in the same color scheme to get the look.

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