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In 2004 former congressional staff assistant Jessica Cutler started an anonymous blog detailing her sex life, including being paid in exchange for sex. She was outed by a blog, fired, sued by one of the men she mentioned, and eventually had to declare bankruptcy. Even after the $300,000 from a book deal. A better career move: If you start a personal blog, know that your co-workers will find out, even if you try to hide it. If you have serious issues with your workplace, have a plan B for when you get found out. Heather Armstrong of Dooce was able to parlay her firing into a successful blogging career, but she is the exception—not the rule.If you just want to blog about your hobbies, review your company's social media guidelines or talk to your supervisor about your plans. And don't level damaging accusations without considering the consequences. Even if what you say is true, you could be buried under an expensive lawsuit.
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