Everyone in Our Office Wants to Bring One of These Beautiful Organizers Home

Meet Open Spaces, your new organizing obsession.

Open Spaces organizing products company: Large bins in felt
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If you're the type who wanders their local organization store on days off, you know that there are all sorts of different types of organizers. There are the organization products you hide behind closet doors and under beds, and then there are the organizers you stack on your bookshelves and flat surfaces where everyone can see them. Both types are necessary (and why should you dress up a storage bin that's going to be hidden in your attic for most of the year?), but there's something especially satisfying about an organizer that's as pretty as it is effective.

The organizing world already has a solid variety of companies offering good-looking, reliable organizing tools, but now a new one has entered the fray: Open Spaces. Launched in late January, Open Spaces offers a highly curated range of home organizing products. There's no chance of being overwhelmed by the enormous selection here—the first wave of products launched are pared-down and simple, so you won't have to struggle with shopping paralysis from looking at too many options for a single type of bin or basket.

The initial line of products includes lidded hard-topped bins of various sizes, nesting trays, wire baskets, drawer dividers, and shelf risers. Each item comes in just one color, so you have fewer decisions to make, though all the organizers have a soft, muted color scheme that emphasizes wood textures and natural shades—think white, gray, and forest green—with on-trend matte finishes. Having had the large bins by my desk for the last few weeks, I can truthfully say they're organizers worth showing off: Everyone who stops by has something to say about the sturdy build or the beautiful gray felt exterior.

The Open Spaces products are built to last, unlike some organizers that you buy new and then toss later with each move or reorganization effort. (They also arrive with minimal packaging, so you can further reduce your footprint.) Plus, Open Spaces offers resources to help you continue to put your organizing tools to work, even if your closet organizer ideas change, through an interactive 10-step guide.

The best news of all? For the appearance and the quality of the product, the Open Spaces line is actually incredibly affordable. The large bins cost $78 for two bins large enough to hold a sweater collection, a magazine archive, or more—and they're even less if you forgo the lids. The Open Spaces site allows you to shop by product, if you know exactly what you want, or by room, so you can get exactly what you need for your home office organization project.

If you're looking for under-bed bins that don't make you cringe every time you pull them out, or kitchen organization helpers that work with your dreams of a beautiful kitchen, not against them, Open Spaces might have something for you.

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