Tips and Tools for Planning a Successful Year Ahead

Simply host Haley Cairo has a few tricks for making goal-setting—and goal-meeting—easier in the new year.

New Year's resolutions and goals are great, but you also need a plan to help you achieve them. Simply host Haley Cairo has a few ideas that'll help get you on the path toward resolution success.

Haley uses vision boards, a paper planner, and notebooks to keep track of goals, and sets aside some designated admin time every week to review her schedules, make plans, and tackle any other to-dos.

She prefers a paper planner that has space to list out bigger goals, and track the smaller action steps she needs to take to stay on track. She also makes vision boards with magazine clippings to stay motivated and envision what she's looking to accomplish in the coming year. Everything stays organized in a mobile office tote she can carry anywhere.

The start of the year is also the perfect time for decluttering digital space, clearing out unread mail in inboxes, and clearing her computer desktop—as well as setting up annual medical checkups and appointments so they're already booked. Digital tools like Google Calendar allow Haley to share calendars with family members and access it from anywhere on her smartphone or other device.

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Standard Notebook


A simple notebook is the perfect place for "brain dumps," like free-form writing, taking notes on projects, or any other key information you don't want to forget.

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Erin Condren Life Planner

Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 10.28.32 AM

This calendar has a lot to love about it. You can pick what style pages you'd like, the spiral spine lets it lie flat so you can easily work in it, and the pages are easily customizable with stickers and other elements.

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Mobile Office Bag

Gray Mobile Office Bag

The center compartment of this roomy carry-all has plenty of space for files, while the pockets are perfect for carrying pens, scissors, staplers, and any other desk essentials.

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