The pros weigh in on the home organization finds that get the job done—and look good doing it.

By Kelsey Mulvey
Updated April 22, 2019
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It doesn’t matter how organized you are—or think you are—maintaining home organization is no easy feat. From alphabetizing your spice rack to mastering the vertical fold, tidying up your space requires a lot of time, energy, and, of course, some great home organization products (and maybe some solid home organization apps, too). The right hooks, storage boxes, shelf dividers, and toy storage ideas can make it significantly easier to organize your home—and actually keep it that way.

A quick Google search is bound to show you dozens of items that promise to keep your place spick and span, but we couldn’t help but wonder what interior designers use in their own homes. After all, it’s their job to create beautiful and functional places. Their answers run the gamut from high-end hooks to beautiful baskets to an unapologetically colorful storage unit, but one thing’s for sure: They’re really, really passionate about home organization that looks good.

Scroll on to see 11 organizational products that have the design world’s seal of approval. Who knows: These suggestions might just inspire you to kickstart your own home organization efforts.

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Home Organization Tools - Archival Boxes

Archival Boxes

“My best home organization tip these days comes from a mom’s perspective. Throughout the year, our daughter brings home all kinds of drawings, spelling tests, and crafts that are important to her. She wants to keep it all, but the clutter feels like it can take over the house. So, I’ve purchased these archival boxes—one for each year she is in school. We store everything that will fit in it and edit accordingly. This way she has nicely stored and organized keepsakes from each grade and can decide what to do with it all one day.” —interior designer Jean Liu

To buy: Bigso Art Storage Box, $10 each;

Home Organization Tools Approved by Designers - Hip Hooks

Hip Hooks

“The Vernon Double hook from Rejuvenation is the chameleon of coat hooks. It blends in nicely in traditional and contemporary settings alike and is available in a wide range of finishes. It has elegant proportions and I find the matching exposed hardware very chic. It's my go-to hook for mudrooms or bathrooms.” —designer Chauncey Boothby

To buy: Rejuvenation Vernon Double Coat Hook, $22;

Home Organization Tools Approved by Designers - Shoe Storage

Shoe Storage

“Throughout my house and office, I hang the over-the-door shoe organizer from Container Store on the backs of closet doors with command hooks—not the over the door hooks that are visible on the other side of the door! In New York, where drawer space and general storage space is often limited, I find the clear plastic pockets on these shoe organizers are perfect for any number of items other than shoes including tape measures, small tools, scissors, packing tape, cleaning supplies, dryer sheets … most little household items that are tricky to store. All of those little items are also easy to access and harder to forget about when they are completely visible on the back of a utility closet door!” —Brooklyn-based interior designer Lilse McKenna

To buy: 24-Pocket PEVA Over the Door Shoe Bag, $11;

Home Organization Tools Approved by Designers - A Unique Unit

A Unique Unit

“Some of the hardest things to organize at home are smaller items that tend to pop up in random drawers because they have no real home. I love storage units that help contain those smaller items and give them a place to live. Whether it’s storing your home office necessities (envelopes, paper, stamps, bills to pay, etc.), craft items for the kids’ playroom, or kitchen odds and ends, this Rainbow Drawer Storage Unit gives a place for all of the above.” —Joy Cho, creative director of Oh Joy!

To buy: Rainbow 9-Drawer Storage Unit, $90;

Home Organization Tools Approved by Designers - Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves

“Reclaimed wood floating shelves are great for organization in any room. They keep the space light and airy, plus having your hats, toys, books, et cetera out in the open gives you some incentive to stay organized.” —Caroline Gran and Dolores Suarez, co-founders of Dekar Design

To buy: Imperative Décor Floating Shelves, $50;

Home Organization Tools Approved by Designers - Sweater Drawers

Sweater Drawers

“I’m constantly ordering more of these clear stackable sweater drawers for my studio. Sure, they’re perfect because of how functional they are: They’re stackable; transparent, allowing you to quickly and easily keep track of what is where; and available in multiple sizes, but also super stylish. My studio is tight on square footage, but these don’t feel bulky at all. Plus, they blend in beautifully with the rest of the space’s decor! We keep all of our fabric, wallpaper, and tile (they’re pretty sturdy) samples in them.” —Caitlin Murray, founder of Black Lacquer Design

To buy:Clear Stackable Sweater Drawer, $25;

Home Organization Tools Approved by Designers - Beautiful Baskets

Beautiful Baskets

“It may not be glamorous, but I love baskets. There is nothing a good basket can’t help organize. I like natural baskets with good shapes. Towels, clothes storage, toys, dirty clothes, papers, dry cleaning, under-bed storage, the list weaves on! What you can organize using baskets is endless. Clean, organized and highly functioning, I’ll take two!” —Elizabeth “Muffie” Faith of Elizabeth Stuart Design

To buy: Huntington Baskets, from $148;

Home Organization Tools Approved by Designers - Functional Fridge Organizer

Functional Fridge Organizer

“The fastest way to talk yourself out of cooking and into Postmates is by opening the door to a messy fridge. Standard refrigerators aren’t designed to be particularly helpful in showcasing your Farmers Market finds or keeping your kitchen staples in order. This is where the InterDesign Linus Fridge Starter Kit is genius. No more scrounging around to find the chives you bought yesterday or the French Dijon you brought back from Paris. The kit will keep everything beautifully organized and in plain view.” —Liz Curtis, founder of Table + Teaspoon

To buy: InterDesign Linus Fridge Starter Kit, $150;

Home Organization Tools Approved by Designers - Drawer Dividers

Drawer Dividers

“I just added these to a few drawers in my kitchen to organize my cooking utensils. They adjust to any size and can be moved around to create bigger and smaller spaces.” —Jade Joyner, co-founder and principal designer at Metal + Petal

To buy: 4” Expandable Drawer Dividers, $20 for a set of two;

Home Organization Tools Approved by Designers - Label Maker

Label Maker

“Organization is an art form and done the best by an interior designer who understands geometry and space planning. Give me three shopping carts and two sales assistants from The Container Store and I am all set to organize anything in the home or business! All of the great accessories are pointless without my trusty label maker. White tape with black all capital letters.” —Amanda Lantz of A Lantz Design

To buy: Brother Label Maker with Carrying Case, $50;

Home Organization Tools Approved by Designers - Desk Organizers

Desk Organizers

“Desks and office spaces can easily become cluttered without proper storage. These elegant solid brass boxes help free up space and look great on a shelf or desk. The satin brass adds a touch of sophistication and works well with any color scheme.” —interior designer Anne Hepfer

To buy: 2-Piece Large Solid Brass Studio Storage Box Set, $129;