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If you're a big makeup fan, you might have drawers and bags overflowing with products. To help you find the best way to organize your makeup, the pros at Horderly recommend starting by editing down your cosmetics and weeding out anything that's expired, broken, or that no longer works for you. Then, separate into product types—eyeshadows in one pile, lip color in another.

Think about the best organization strategy for you—some people like drawer storage to keep their makeup out of sight, while others may opt for clear acrylic boxes and drawers to display their favorite products. And if you regularly need to take your makeup on the road, an on-the-go tote is your perfect solution.

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Makeup Storage Drawers

Sorbus Stackable Makeup Storage Set


Display your makeup (and keep it organized) with this cool acrylic display. Multiple drawers and cubbies are perfectly sized to help you corral your cosmetics—then easily find exactly the shade you need.

makeup drawer storage

Organizer Set


This collection of multiple-sized acrylic storage bins (similar to the ones used in the video) help neaten up your drawers—and make it easy to find and grab exactly what you need.

Mini sorter makeup storage

Mini Sorter


This acrylic multi-sectioned sorter is perfect for corralling makeup palettes. 

Acrylic Pen Holder for Makeup Storage

Acrylic Pen Holder


This pen holder works beautifully on your vanity to hold makeup brushes and eye and lip pencils.

Makeup Bag Storage
Credit: Container Store

Stackers Taupe Hanging Toiletry Bag


If you're constantly taking your makeup with you, this cool storage system will make it easy to bring your favorite products along. It boasts multiple pockets and elastic loops so you can securely stash your favorites, along with a smaller clear container you can take with you for touch-ups. 

The bag's hanger hook makes it easy to get at everything while you're doing your makeup.