Who knew a label maker could be a must-have tool for the holidays?

By Lauren Phillips
Updated November 13, 2018
P-Touch Cube Label Maker Tout
Credit: ptouch.com

Label makers don’t often appear on lists of holiday supplies and problem-solvers—as basic organizing tools, label makers are much more likely to top lists of decluttering essentials and go-tos for organized women. But 2018 may be the year to change that.

Why? Because 2018 marks the launch of the Brother P-touch CUBE Plus Label Maker, which goes where no label maker has dared go before—and with glittery label tape, to boot. The new label maker from Brother follows in the footsteps of the P-touch CUBE label maker, which connected smartphones to label makers.

P-Touch Cube Label Maker Tout
Credit: ptouch.com

To buy: Brother P-touch CUBE Plus, $160; quill.com.

With the new P-touch CUBE Plus, tech-happy organizers and labelers can design labels with shapes, symbols, pictures, and more on their smartphones, just in time to get creative for the holidays. Using Brother’s array of tapes in different colors and sizes, holiday hosts and gift-givers can make a label to serve every purpose during the season—and then go label-crazy during the rest of the year.

1. Make return address labels

For Christmas cards, party invitations, and gift-card mailings alike, use the P-touch CUBE Plus’s multi-row capabilities to fit a whole mailing address on a label—no need to buy a whole sleeve of return address labels that will be used once and then lost in the junk drawer forever. This label maker has an auto-cut feature and can print multiple copies of a single label, no trimming necessary.

2. Make gift labels

Give gift labels playful twists with different tapes. The gold glitter option will give gifts a little sparkle, and standard white tapes can be dressed up with images of the recipient (great for kids) or a hint at what’s inside the gift-wrap.

3. Add best-by dates to baked goods and kitchen-made gifts

Homemade treats make great gifts—make sure they’re tasted at the peak of their flavors by sticking best-by dates on the bottom of the container.

4. DIY place settings

Whip up a batch of custom place cards with the elegant font options available on the label maker app. Each dinner guest will know exactly where to go, and adjusting cards for a last-minute cancellation or an additional guest will only take seconds.

5. Label servingware

Anyone who has had a spatula or serving spoon go missing during the neighborhood holiday potluck knows the importance of keeping tabs on all the utensils and dishes that leave the house. With the quick addition of a label on a spoon’s handle or on the bottom of serving dishes, everything will make it safely home at the end of the party—no hovering required.

6. Label light cords and cables

Wrap short labels with descriptors such as “long cable” or “white lights” around the lightless beginnings or ends of strings of lights during clean up. Next year, keeping each coil of lights organized while making a light-hanging plan will be much simpler without the hassle of stretching everything out to figure out which string of lights is which.

7. Keep tabs on holiday décor in storage

When storing holiday lights, wreaths, ornaments and more at the end of the holiday season, take the time to stick a label on each box. Next year, no one will be wondering where that advent calendar went or questioning what’s in each box.