Get organized in 2019 with this weekly planner that’s a serious game changer.

By Rachel Sylvester
Updated January 04, 2019

I’m the first to admit that I’m a bit of a planner fanatic. Not in the sense that I enthusiastically jot down reminders on my Notes app or update my Google Calendar as often as humanly possible–I’m talking about a bound book that calls for physical paper and a pencil, no less.

Call me old fashioned, but paper planners are my thing. (If you haven’t already guessed, back-to-school shopping and freshly sharpened pencils were also my thing circa my bagged lunch days.) You know that age old adage about life’s only certainties being death and taxes? Add the fact that my planner is always safely tucked away in my tote bag to that list of guarantees. I’m such a planner pusher that I have stacks of used books stored underneath my bed, and my weekly organizer is as essential to my morning commute as my earbuds and MetroCard.

There’s something so satisfying about looking ahead and physically crossing off accomplishments from my to-do list that, for a while, I struggled to land on the perfect planner. It had to be functional, yes, but it also had to be slim enough to stash in my bag, and neutral enough that I wouldn’t feel embarrassed if I pulled it out mid-meeting or left it out on my desk. Enter The Ink + Volt Signature Series Planner ($40;

Organization styles differ from person to person, of course, but after scribbling in dozens of planners throughout the past decade, this one rises above the rest for its durability and practicality. Not to go ahead and judge a book by its cover, but the organizer's understated design is yet another bonus.

This 280-page planner features yearly, monthly, and weekly layouts, and its goal-focused design caters to both skilled and novice organizers alike. Lay-flat binding ensures it will lie flat no matter what page you’re on, and ribbon page markers mean you won’t lose your place in this 1” thick book. Another perk: effective layouts. Each Ink + Volt planner contains achievement trackers that allow you to outline your yearly theme and goals, plus weekly inspiration and a journaling prompt to keep you on track. A monthly calendar overview makes it the best planner for work, play, and every other social obligation in between.

Hoping to finally get organized in 2019? Allow this planner to move you forward toward achieving your personal goals.