Our closets will never be the same.

Over the years, the Real Simple editorial team has collaborated with dozens of pro organizers, and we've doled out plenty of our own organizing secrets—but while working with Nikki Boyd on the 2021 Real Simple Home, we still learned a few new tricks for tackling micro clutter around the house. From kitchen cabinets to bedroom closets, Boyd stressed the importance of arranging belongings according to how you live, no matter if that means frequent dinner parties or football Sundays spent with family and friends. Here are five genius organizing tricks we learned from Nikki Boyd and plan to incorporate into our own homes.

Storage Ideas, Freezer
Credit: Christopher Testani

Portion Out Frozen Produce

To make meal prep a breeze, pre-portion frozen produce, such as carrots and peas, into transparent zip-top bags. You'll be less likely to forget what ingredients you have on-hand when you can clearly see what's in stock. Just be sure to label the date on the bags so you won't forget how long they've been chilling there. 

Storage Ideas, Clothing Closet
Credit: Christopher Testani

Store Shoes Heel to Toe

In a closet with limited space, storing your shoes heel to toe will make the most of every square inch. This way, the shoes nestle together more closely, helping you fit as many pairs as possible on each shelf (while still avoiding the chaotic shoe pile). 

Storage Ideas, Clothing Mending Kit in drawer
Credit: Stephanie Loftus

Create a Mending Kit

Assemble a clothing repair kit with safety pins, lint brushes, stain removal wipes, and fabric refreshing sprays. Keep everything right where you'll need it: in a drawer inside your clothes closet. 

Storage Ideas, Game Day Supplies in closet
Credit: Christopher Testani

Organize According to Your Interests

"When it comes to organizing, consider what will make your days run a little smoother," says Boyd. "If you live for game day, devote a drawer to all your gear! Sometimes the simplest things have the biggest impact." 

This same concept applies no matter your interests or hobbies. Stash drawing supplies in a cabinet beside your kids' favorite drawing table, and keep golf gear together in a closet near the front door or garage so it's easy to grab your gear and go. 

Storage Ideas, Dishware in Cabinet
Credit: Christopher Testani

Make Setting the Table a Cinch

If you entertain often or set the table for family dinners every single night, store the necessary glassware and dishware in sturdy woven baskets. When it's time to set the table, you can carry the basket over to the dining room, rather than having to shuttle fragile dishware back and forth piece by piece.