Five tips for wrangling the clutter once and for all. 

By Real Simple
Updated May 25, 2018
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Bryan Gardner

If the garage is your go-to storage spot for everything from winter gear to off-season clothing, keeping it organized is a year-round challenge. To learn the best way to tidy up this area, we reached out to professional organizer Andrew Mellen for his top five tips. Start with the steps below, and who knows, you may even find that your garage has enough space for your car.

1. Make Use Of Wall Space

Keep shovels, hoses, and other equipment off the floor and within reach on wall-mounted racks. Organize zones by season and rotate when appropriate.

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2. Create Easy Access

Display large or frequently used tools on a sturdy steel pegboard for grab-and-go efficiency.

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3. Categorize Drawers

Put power tools and accessories in one drawer and hand tools and attachments in another. Stash fasteners and hardware in old jars or takeout containers.

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4. Subdivide Shelves

Maximize shelf space with bins that corral balls, small gardening gear, and other utilitarian supplies. Also, if you buy household goods in bulk, a shelving system lets you quickly check what you have and what needs restocking.

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5. Protect Your Stuff

Place holiday decor and other rarely used items in airtight containers, since temperature fluctuations and humidity can cause damage. For this reason, paper keepsakes and other delicate items should never be stored in the garage.

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