The $30 TikTok Hack for Freeing Up Space in Tiny Living Rooms

It will even help you save money, too.

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Signature Home Clip On Tray Sofa Table for Wide Couches

No two living rooms are the same. If your space lacks, well, space, you've probably quickly realized that you might not be able to fit that coffee table of your dreams—or those stylish, and slightly oversized, end tables you've had your eyes on. But don't fret, Amazon shoppers have a genius furniture hack that will deliver the storage you need without bulking up your already-crowded living room: the Signature Home Clip-on Sofa Tray.

After generating a lot of buzz on TikTok, the convenient wooden tray has gained notoriety among Amazon customers for its space-saving design, which eliminates the need for incommodious furniture pieces like coffee tables and end tables. Heck, for some it even acts as a dining room table. With its 13.4-by-10.8-inch frame, rubber grips, and wide-reaching spring-loaded hinges, the Signature Home Clip-on Sofa Tray securely fastens around the armrest of your sofa, regardless of its size, and doesn't budge. It's also equipped with large legs to offer more stability and peace of mind when holding things like remotes, dishes, or cute decor pieces. And the best part is that it's only $30, so it will actually help you save money on furniture.

Signature Home Clip On Tray Sofa Table for Wide Couches

To buy: $30;

In their reviews, Amazon shoppers praised everything from the tray table's sturdiness and strength to its sleek design and quality construction, which they vouched can hold standard-sized plates, bowls, drinking glasses, and mugs. "Once it's on it doesn't move," said one customer. "Careful removing it as the springs are very strong."

According to many reviewers, it makes a great stand-in for a coffee table or end table. "There isn't a lot of room in a studio apartment in New York City," another shopper wrote. "This clip-on tray makes up for the lack of side tables. I can leave my drink or snack on the tray without worrying about it spilling and I no longer need to dig in the couch cushions to find the TV remote."

And when it's not in use, the tray table folds up flat and can be easily stored away or packed. The Signature Home Clip-on Sofa Tray comes in two colors, but there are plenty of other shapes, sizes, and finishes to choose from on Amazon. Below, explore the other clip-on sofa trays that will help elevate your home and save you a ton of space.

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