10 Things in Your Living Room You Should Toss Right Now

Get rid of these common clutter culprits and prepare to breathe a sigh of organized relief.

While the living room is a much-used, much-loved, multipurpose space, it also always seems to have a clutter problem. Somehow, discarded socks, abandoned toys, half-read books, crumpled magazines, forgotten phone chargers, and more collect here, and cleaning it seems to be a never-ending chore.

Preventing the living room from becoming a drop zone is its own challenge, but the problem can feel less pressing if the items that actually belong there are already organized. If there is less in the room already, those mysterious add-ons that always seem to pile up won't seem so overwhelming—and there may even be more space for storage. Plus, once clutter is cleared, the room will feel completely clean, not just halfway there. Toss these unnecessary items for a living room that feels decluttered, at least some of the time.

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VHS Tapes (and Anything Else That's Not Being Watched)

Hopefully those old VHS tapes are long gone, but if not, get rid of them. They take up a huge chunk of space, and if they're not being watched, there's no point keeping them. Family videos can easily be digitized, either through an app or a service, and everything else can be found online, on DVD, or on Blu-Ray. While you're at it, toss any DVDs, CDs, or whatever else isn't being watched or listened to every year or so.

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Half-Empty Baskets

Attempts at corralling clutter are great, unless they end up half-working and leave stacks of unused (but hopeful) storage containers tucked around the room. An empty basket is less helpful than no basket, and having near-empty storage containers around the room only calls for the purchasing of more clutter with which to fill them. Consolidate baskets and get rid of those that aren't needed, or move them to another room where they will be used.

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Threadbare Throw Blankets

Whether it's a decorative throw or the fuzzy blanket the whole family curls up under on movie night, once that blanket starts to look ragged (or, worse, carries a mysterious stench), it may be time to say goodbye.

Also consider how often the blanket is washed—if it gets used every time someone is sick or the pets lie on it often, it could carry just as much dirt, dust, and germs as unwashed bedsheets. If you end up keeping a much-loved blanket, be sure to give it a wash before putting it back on the sofa.

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Slumped Throw Pillows

Throw pillows can do wonders for bringing a bit of color and personality into a living room, but they can also bring the atmosphere down if they start looking a little rough around the edges. Some issues, such as stains, can be fixed, but once pillows don't hold their shape, it's probably time to get rid of them. To revive tired throw pillows, wash them in the washing machine and then toss them in the dryer with a few clean tennis balls or wool dryer balls. If they still look deflated, keep the covers and replace the inserts.

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Unused Entertainment Devices

Old DVD players, VHS players, outdated streaming devices, speakers—these can take up a lot of space, and if they're not used, it's a waste of space. Trade in large, clunky items for smaller, sleeker ones, and recycle or donate anything that isn't used. Once they're gone, there will be more room in the entertainment center or on shelves for items that do get used, such as books, games, and picture frames.

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Games With Missing Pieces

Clue isn't much fun with no Colonel Mustard and a missing candlestick. Toss games that are missing vital pieces. They can easily be replaced and a new game may be exactly what your family game night needs.

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That Pile of Toys

If you have kids or pets (or both), chances are there's a pile of toys lingering in your living room. To avoid stepping on Lego pieces and Fido's bone as you make your way to the sofa, keep just a curated selection of favorites in a basket, then move the rest to a playroom or a storage closet until they're needed.

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Old Catalogs

That stack of catalogs for clothing stores you never shop at? It's time to recycle it. While you're at it, visit DMAchoice.org, which lets you opt into and out of catalogs for a $2 processing fee. Now that frees up your coffee table for books and magazines you will actually read.

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Cords and Wires

OK, so you'll probably want to keep these, but you can definitely hide them. Hide TV wires with a wall cable channel, then get a cord storage box to conceal floor lamp cords or laptop chargers. Your living room will look more organized without that jumble of wires peeking out from behind the TV.

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Excess Knick-Knacks

Accessories like candles, vases, and decorative bowls add interest to a room, but if they start cluttering every single surface, it can have the opposite effect. If you struggle to find a spot to set down a mug of coffee or your book, take a look around the room and clear out any items that don't need to be there. These pieces might find a home in another room, but if your entire house could benefit from some decluttering, donate these pieces instead.

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