This Hack for Safely Packing All Your Dishes and Glasses Has Over 3,500 Perfect Reviews

The packing cubes can protect an entire dinner service set for 12.

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Complete Dinnerware Storage Set #1 Best Protection for Storing or Transporting

Preparing for a move is stressful. There's the expense of it all, the packing the inevitable unpacking, and the near-guarantee that something (or many things) will break. There are inventive ways to protect our things—like the heavy-duty blankets movers with wrap TVs in—but there are also much less innovative methods, like the dirty, old newspapers that plenty of us have wrapped our plates in.

But more than 3,500 five-star ratings on Amazon—not to mention a best-seller badge—point to a solution in the Woffit Complete Dinnerware Storage Set. This seven-piece set of square and circular storage containers are made of a thick, quilted material that keeps everything from dishes and saucers to glassware and fine China safe and secure. They come with heavy-duty felt dividers that prevent cracking and chipping, and can also be used to keep special occasion dishes dust-free between uses. Plus, they have small windows on the outside for labels, so each bin is easily identifiable.

Complete Dinnerware Storage Set #1 Best Protection for Storing or Transporting

To buy: $40;

Shoppers say they get a ton of use out of them for safekeeping their expensive china or holiday dishes throughout the year, and noted they're much more effective than flimsy cardboard boxes.

"Love these!" one shopper writes. "As we're remodeling, I went to remove all my china from my china cabinet and noticed that my dish protectors were disintegrating. I found these on Amazon and I've been incredibly happy. They are very well-made, fit perfectly and protect my china better than my old set did. Great value! Also love that there is a little place to tag what is inside. Believe it or not, that makes it very easy to find what I'm looking for, and the separators that came with the set protect my china even more."

A second reviewer says that this set took over for their old paper packaging, and how easy it has made storing and organizing their dishes that they're going to order more.

"Best storage available!" another shopper writes. "My china and stemware has been wrapped in paper and packed in cardboard boxes in my attic since my last two home moves. I could not have been more pleased with these storage pieces! Everything was so easy to use and I am confident my valuable china and crystal are well protected." Whether you're packing up for a move or just need a better way to keep your dinnerware safe, clean and organized, grab the Woffit Complete Dinnerware Storage Set from Amazon today.

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