The Craziest Things Found in the Refrigerator

Turns out, Real Simple readers have quite a relationship with their refrigerators. Check out the odd things they’ve found in there.

Photo by Tom Schierlitz

“A singular stretchy glove, atop a leftover Qdoba burrito. The burrito was thrown out after about a week of not being claimed, but for some reason, the glove stayed in the fridge for about a year.” —Kristin Godfrey

“I once found a DVD in the deli drawer of my fridge. I turned my house upside down looking for it, and two days later there it was with the turkey and cheese slices.” —Angie Bateman Jones

“My older son was giving up his pacifier. When he wandered into the kitchen one day, the spare pacifier was on the table. Before he spied it I tossed it in the freezer. Imagine my surprise when I found it a year later.” —Susan Kolling

“A sheep brain we were dissecting in neuroanatomy class.” —Rana Lee Adawi Awdish

“When my daughter was little, she loved to put her toys in the fridge. I found her stuffed Beanie Babies black cat in the back and shrieked because I thought a critter had climbed in there.” —Mary Talalay

“When my brother was 16 (more than 27 years ago), he asked my mom for more of that great casserole with the green stuff on top. My mom almost threw up when she realized he had eaten the chili that she had forgotten to throw away.” —Amy Foth

“Murray the Freezer Duck. He was literally a taxidermied black duck who lived in our freezer for years when my dad was a decoy carver. I miss Murray!” —Elizabeth Bull

“My seven-year-old daughter stood in the fridge to reach the top shelf and decided at that moment to take off her clothes. So I found her clothes in the fridge.” —Julie Oliger Simons